Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me

Rain On Me by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Song Info

“Rain On Me” is about persevering through your troubles and finding solace and comfort in the fact that things will get better. It is the second single off Chromatica, Gaga’s sixth studio album, and marks the first collaboration between Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. The collaboration was first confirmed through her Twitter account on April 22, along with the other tracks and collaborations from the album. On May 15, she revealed the song’s official cover and release date. Gaga also expressed the meaning of the song via Vulture: "This is about an analog of tears being the rain. And you know what it’s also a metaphor for, is the amount of drinking that I was doing to numb myself. I’d rather be dry."

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Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande song Rain On Me coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris has volunteered to remain on earth after the Rapture; he will spend his time fighting the Anti-Christ.

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Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande - Rain On Me Song Reviews

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- Out


- Good come back : )

Wasn’t sure at first but I warmed up to it and now I love it

- Horrible

She is not a nice person....stopped making good music 8 years ago....she is s a t a n i c witch.

- Pop music is back

This is lady gagas comeback, amazing pop, underlining messages, 100%

- I tolerate it

It's not a bad album but I don't really like it that much. I miss the days of The Fame and Born This Way and wish we had something more like that.

- Sour Candy 😍

Absolute BOP! Thank you for collaborating with 🖤💗

- Sour Candy 🍬


- I love her

She can do no wrong xoxoxox

- Paul

Love her energy.

- Lady Gaga is a Satanist

OutOfShadows is Real People Watch it and you will see through Hollywood’s lies and deception lady Gaga and many other pop stars are tricking you with their deiceitful music #OutOfShadows #PizzaGate #Adrenochrome OUT OF SHADOWS OFFICIAL IS ON YOUTUBE

- Amazing

Best Lady Gaga album yet. My favourite album of hers has always been Born This Way. Ever since this new album came out, it has been by absolute favourite. A lot of dance songs, which were all fun. My favourite is Babylon. Highly recommend

- Amazing!

The Queen is back!!


Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK collab would be ICONIC!!!!

- Traumatica

Stream Rain on Me to eradicate coronavirus once and for all

- 10/10

just what the world needs. PERIOD ⚔️💗

- love love love


- 🔥🔥🔥

So far so good. This album is going to be #1. We already know!

- Amazing

Constantly putting our amazing music and this is no exception! Love it!

- Lady Gaga’s come back is the one we’ve been waiting for

This truly is going to be the best comeback since Fame Monster. She’s writing from a place of kindness and truth. Great singles too


Absolutely amazing both songs are great and I know the whole album will be iconic

- Literally a Legend

This album shows Gaga returning to her pop roots and proving once again how she is the Queen of pop.

- Amazing so far!!!

Rain One me is a upbeat song that gets you moving along with stupid love


I love this album. This is the way pop should be. It sounds like going back to the 80's when Madonna first came out. Get it!!

- Bad



this is one of her best albums yet❤️

- Instant Classic

Hit after hit after hit. This techno house edm rave pop SMASH album served.

- Amazing

Literally amazing literally game changing literally show stopping literally period literally on god literally otherworldly literally great literally good literally talent literally wiggory literally PERIOD AHWNWJQISHQJMSSJ


It’s my favorite album of the year. It’s the best. Such great pop music. It gives such a great homage to 80s and 90s dance music. I love that Lady Gaga is making pop Music again!!!!

- Top teir god level

Gaga single handedly recreated herself And gave us a new era.

- Ok

It’s ok not great all the song sound like there from 1209!!

- gaga is back!!!

at first listen i thought the songs were meh, but as soon as i heard it the next day it all clicked and i was teleported to chromatica 🥰

- sooo gooooood

rain on me and 911 slappp. honestly tho, they allllll dooo

- sogood

it’s so amazingg

- Pure Art and Pop

A beautiful album from start to finish. No skips whatsoever

- Amazing work!

Love this album, been on replay since it released!

- Album Of The Year

One of the best albums of the year! Gaga returns to her pop roots in a powerful, energetic, passionate and heart pouring album. One of her best albums!


Do yourself and everyone around a favor, and buy this swerve, yas queen gawd realness huntey.


Very iconic, no skips. The legend herself.

- Amazing

Fantastic album, the perfect blend of pop with dance/house elements.

- Fad

Buy and stream holy !!

- Amazing album

I love its House references! Album of the year

- Gaga ALWAYS delivers

She literally is so talented, and Chromatica is no exception!!

- Amazing

Amazing Album Like She Really Knows How To Tell A Story With Her Music 😎😎😎😎 I’m Proud To Be A Little Monster But Replay Needs To Be The Next Single Then Plastic Doll Like This Album Has So Many Bangers That Gaga Can Really Make A lot Of Money Off This Album If She Plays Her Cards Right But Babylon Should Close The Era Like This Song Is Amazing But Replay Next Then Plastic Doll Fun Tonight Alice & Babylon Should Most Definitely Close This Era Out This Album Can Really Be A Visual Album ❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

- Pop perfection.

Lady GAGA is a once in a lifetime artist and I’m so lucky to be in my 20s during her impressive career. We love you Gaga keep being you and making us little monsters proud!


I love Lady Gaga And Ariana Grande so Rain On me is the best song for me

- A M A Z I N G 💓

Thanks Gaga for this album I LOVE IT!!! #1 Queen I love it

- Great pop dance

What a great album ! Totally recommended !

- Hated it!

I usually like most of Lady Gaga's albums but this is horrible. This is very different than her previous albums. The music sounds so over produced. Feel like all the creativity she used to have is gone. There is not even one song I liked on the whole album.

- Love this

I was disappointed in her last couple albums but this is amazing! Love it so much

- A Delicious treat for your ears, mind & soul.

This album is stupendous! Can put it on and play entire album without skipping one song. I found this album to be a great mood elevator. Knowing that she wrote then sang these songs from a sad and dark place makes them very relatable. Her journey from the depths of despair into elevating light shows the the human spirit can recover from just about anything. I whole heartedly love this album. It’s truly one of her best. Even if you aren’t a fan of hers it’s hard to deny what a gem this album is.

- Overhyped

I don’t know what all the hype for Rain On Me was. I love both Gaga and Ariana but the song is meh.

- A++

Great, album, she has both the lyrics, the tempo and melodies in the right place. A++



- Take me to Chromatica, Gaga! 🚀💕

Love everything Lady Gaga does and stands for. This album is no exception and I find it to be her best album lyrically. Best album of this awful year! Thank you again Gaga! 💕

- 10/10

Gaga needed to show everyone how it’s done

- Gaga

It’s amazing from beginning to end , my favorite is Alice, 911, her next single 3rd and of course Stupid ♥️

- mamãe fez tudo 💓⚔️


- Little monster

El Mejor álbum del 2020 en verdad te transporta a otro mundo

- Just Bad

I don't know how she won all those awards the other night. This album is just awful. Usually a big win would make the album jump to the top of the charts. This is #59 on I tunes which proves these award shows are rigged. What a joke.

- Awesome!!

This album surpassed my expectations!!! I really love “Enigma”!

- Yasss


- Best of all time

This EDM album is a gem. We love it love it love it!!!!

- 👑


- Ariana saved it

Gaga didn’t deserve artist of the year award, JUSTIN BIEBER DESERVED IT #vmasisoverparty

- Free to Dance Again

Lady Gaga has provided a dance album that allows the listeners to free themselves from the struggles of life and let go! Gaga has consistently been an innovative figure in pop music while not being afraid to reference old sounds. Chromatica is truly a masterpiece and a gorgeous work of art!



- Outdid her previous pop albums

Chromatica sounds like the grown up sibling to her first two albums. Amazing

- Authenticity but make it a bop

Gaga comes back to the dance floor to show us what she’s about. It was a reminder of the powerhouse she is and how long her fans have missed her. G

- Out of this world!

This has surpassed planet earth and the solar system along with the Milky Way, she literally brought us to chromatica!❤️🖤✨

- The best

Gaga album

- Her best since ARTPOP

A beautiful blend of ARTPOP and Born This Way. Grab your girl friends and get ready to dance. The queen of pop is back!

- Good album

I like all songs and her art

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- Best album so far!!

Best album from lady gaga ! Even better than Born This way and the Fame/The fame Monster


I am not really a Lady Gaga fan but I stan black pink so sour candy was the best COLLABORATION THIS YEAR!

- Awesome

Haven’t come across an album in years that I love all the songs. Love the album. Can’t wait to go see GaGa in concert for the first time.

- Ok

I was expecting a little more. Many of the songs sound the same and don’t have many differences between the electronic pop.

- Now this is...

Perfect pop music ! GaGa is back !!!!


My favourite of all of her albums and I love all of her albums.

- 1000 out of 10

Loving every minute of it 😍❤️

- She’s back!

Her music is still inspiring all these years.

- The Gaga Album I’ve Waited My Life For

This album is a disco/house masterpiece, with powerful lyrics, stunning production, and the best vibe. This album makes up for 2020 ❤️

- Entering chromatica

This album is a total coming of age with a pure pop sounds that treat about interesting topics. With a strong imagery, this album captivated me at the every second.

- Super !

Best album yet !


The fact I can dance and knowing the pain she went through shows how strong and inspiring Lady GaGa is. She is the pink floyd of pop music in our generation. And Girl, if you don’t understand, I’m so sorry for your loss. This is next level pop music we all needed!

- I love the gays

Gaga has come back with a 90’s inspired, electronic house album that has the least amount of skips I’ve experienced in years.

- Yas Gaga

Loves it

- Gaga Forever

Takes you to another world.

- Is 911 gonna be this summer’s hit?


- 🥵

We over it gag


🧜🏽🧜🏽‍♂️🧜🏻‍♀️🧚🏻‍♀️🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽🧞‍♀️🧝🏻‍♀️🧝🏻‍♂️💓💗🦄🌈💘🦋🦚🦩🌸🌺🌷🌹💐👗👠👑💅💃🏼🕺🏼💋💄🍬🍭💒🎀🎐💕💞💖💝🚺🏳️‍🌈 THE GAGA I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR.

- Boring album

Very disappointed of Lady Gaga...this album is the worst one ever. 😕

- Perfect

Everything i needed now, time to dance

- ⚔️ ❤️ ⚔️

Battle for you life, Babylon!

- :(

flop. music sucked. sour candy tried her best to save the album, but due to gaga it didn’t work.

- the best mom i ever had

love you lady gaga


Fantastic, album beautifully done! It’s been along time to wait, and it didn’t disappoint!

- Disco dance heaven

This album is Gaga's danciest and most personal. It's simultaneously a return to her roots and boundary pushing. My favourite album of hers yet!


This is such a great album! 💋🇨🇦

- Listening to this over and over. Pop another over

I’m so excited about this album. I’ve been listening to it start to finish and back again. BATTLE FOR YOUR LIFE !

- 90s Dance Pop Is Back!

This album makes me want to dance and cry at the same time. My faves are Enigma, Free Woman, Fun Tonight and Rain on Me.

- Loves it

Gaga, you are my soul.

- What a huge disappointment...

Artists should evolve and that’s what Gaga did with the brilliant Joanne. Unfortunately, this is ten steps back to 2011 and Born This Way.

- Gaga for Gaga

Omg I was not ready I was not expecting this but it’s genius! Electronic dance with some heavy techno cuts! Old 90’s vibes with hommages to Madonna and David Bowie. Surprise after surprise. We needed this. This will be my indoor runway album. I needed this upper. Gaga just does it again! Pop a 911!!

- Garbage

Waste of money... everything sounds the same, elevator music at best!

- love it

Its great!

- A critical Chromatica Review!

Here is the first solo album since 2015 and I have to say that it was just okay. Sure, she is going back to her roots from 2008 with the dance-pop but here it does not work 100% of the time here. Her sound in the album here does not feel like her, sure she is trying to do something different here. But some of these songs are totally out of the left-field for me. The sounds she uses for the album are experimental sure but they are not dance-worthy at all. That not dance-worthy songs are like 85% of the whole album for me. The lyrics in this album are not here best, they are pretty weak. Sure some of the songs have very good lyrics, for example, I fairly enjoyed "Enigma" and "Fun Tonight. This album tries to be in your face with the beats but does not really achieve that in a lot of the tracks here. She obviously sounds good on the album of course. She has proven herself that she has been a good singer so many times. I find that the Star is Born soundtrack she did and the Joanne albums were better done for her lyrically and sound-wise for the most part. I only enjoyed 8/16tracks of the album the rest did not do it for me. So with all that being said I give this album a 6.5/10.

- Chromatica


- I love it!

Pretty much all the songs except the chromaticas have a great beat unlike most other singer’s albums that have a ton of boring songs.

- Oof

Was hoping for Born This Way 2.0, but this is pretty bad... Stupid Love and Rain On Me are the only good songs. I love you Gaga but this isn’t what expected.

- ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Her music gives me life


What an amazing Album. Im very happy, Im dancing. Proud little monster. Thanks GAGA and all her TEAM!

- Meh

Meh...all sounds the same

- Woah

This is a fantastic album from Mother Monster herself. My favorites are Enigma, Stupid Love, and Fun Tonight. If you are looking for a great new pop album. Don’t search further!

- Old school Gaga, but not perfect

This really is old school Gaga. Mostly dance tracks and there are a a handful of really good ones! Particularly rain on me, Alice, Free Woman, Enigma, 1000 doves, Fun Tonight and Plastic Doll. Unfortunately I find that a lot of the beats actually compete with her voice and it’s a little distracting when all you wanna hear is Gaga. She doesn’t need to compete with obnoxious base tracks.

- POP!

Your Ears will POP when you take a listen from beginning to end! Excellent! Great Listen! Bravo!

- Just wow


- Neutrality/No big emotions

I do have all Gaga album and I was not fan of Joanne but this album will not be her best work. Same sound on many songs, whats the drumnbass thing with Elton John which is by far my favorite. I’m not disappointed but not jumping up and down. I would say neutral feeling on this album. But Gaga if you read this: i still ❤️u👍

- Very disappointed.

It’s not a bad album but the songs are way too short and they sound all the same. I expected more from her.

- What an Artist

Everyone trashing this album should be deleted. This album is pure perfection! I have love Gaga through every journey, and this has to be one of my favourites yet!

- Yas Mama

Can’t wait anymore!!!!! (What’s the matter with the guy who put one star? You didn’t even listen to it! I bet you never pay for music. This the best album of year.

- She’s Back

Her return to dance music isnt gonna go silent!!

- Worst album ever

And people thought she couldn’t top Artpop has her worst album and she did it right there. She lost her touch. I was one of her biggest fan, really disappointed.. only saving grace of this album is Ariana Grande. And the song with Blackpink is awful, yg should have kept them in the basement instead of collaborating over this trash of a song.

- Yithejtfjt


- GAGA tanked

flop omg...

- Bad


- Unlistenable

Fadga really tried to make a persona and world called Chromatica but horribly failed in the execution. This album is Gaga’s worst and should be in the trash can as none of the songs are listenable, but fadsters will obviously disagree.😂😂

- Awesome

It’s been long since I heard a full great album

- Not a skip

Worth the wait .

- 🤮


- well done queen

i love how she tried to say things out after every chromatica, she slapped as usual.

- Chormatica’s a Bop

To good to exist in 2020

- An ambitious yet weak attempt at bringing traditional pop music back

Even though Gaga sounds liberating and refreshing each song has a beat very much like the other one with just minimal differentiation in the meaning of lyrics.

- I love this Album❤️😘😘😘

Lady Gaga❤️

- Absolute perfection!!!!

No skips. Each song and interlude is beautiful!! Everyone is going to be dancing happily and every person will have their favourite. No one thing is greater than another!!!

- Masterpiece

Gaga setting the bar for herself higher everytime!!!!! It's fantabulous.. !!!

- Flawless

stay pressed

- Fabulous

This is really one of the best works by gaga

- GAGA!!! 🥰


- Trash

Literal trash bag

- No

No comments 🤮


I’m just gonna say that, “THE WORLD NEEDS THIS”. Can’t wait for the album ❤️


Collectively they have successfully eradicated COVID with this ultimate, uplifting banger

- Masterpiece

a great, blissful distraction from the harsh realities of today’s scary times.

- Pop perfection

Imagine creating a record so perfect that other fanbases are running for their lives! Don’t worry, chromatica will heal all of you.

- A dance record for the generation

Gaga is back with club bangers which have lyrical depth and sonic brilliance!

- Brilliant songs so far 5/5

Me and my grandkids love Stupid Love and Rain on Me so far, this Lady surely knows how to write amazing songs and sing them with such grace and poise. I became her fan because of the Tony album and never left since. I recommend 5/5. Cannot wait for the full album! ❤️

- A pop record that actually reminds people what pop is.

Gaga isn’t going to fade away. She is undeniably talented and a skilled. Her art keeps getting better as she keeps exploring new ways and concepts to deliver the one thing she loves the most and that is singing. With collaborations with artists who sound nothing alike. Gaga, once again shows us that she’ll keep us dancing to the beat of her music no matter what happens. This album builds a world that you actually want to be a part of. Anyone who listens to this record would want to move to Chromatica.

- Bland

Rain on me was so bland and boring, truly disappointing because Gaga has released much better music


This album is going to be exceptional and unique just like ARTPOP!!! I have a feeling that Gaga is gonna gag us with this album and we all can do nothing but bow to her and Pre-Order her album!❤️👑🙌🏼🙌🏼 Love you, Queen!

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- Lady Gaga never fails

Omg thank u lady for another awesome album. So worth the wait, Love u my big monster... love from the land down under Australia

- loved it

just so great.


201% Authentic Lady Gaga with refreshing twists! Loved Rain on Me so bad! Rawr! 💓

- So Good 💕💕

This album is what we need in 2020, saddle up


It feels like hip hop has taken over dance pop as the most mainstream genre of music, after dance pop/electropop ruled the charts in the late 2000s/early 2010s, particularly by GaGa herself. This is a return to form for GaGa and will appeal to anyone who misses anthemic gay club bangers. We have been patient and we have been fed. It feels like if The Fame Monster, Born This Way and Artpop had a baby, with an added 90s house influence.

- Legend 💜

The power that that has, the talent that that has, the influence that that has

- Pure joy

Pure joy from start to finish. Most cohesive album to date. Best with headphones. Love it!

- Love it


- Queen is Back and She’s Healing Us All

The album is perfection with no skips, I also love how there’s breaks in between to set up the scenes. Sound Out tracks Sour Candy w Black Pink (please create an MV and release as Single) Rain on Me w Ariana Grande Alice 911 Free Woman Fun Tonight Plastic Doll Sine from Above w Elton John 1000 Doves Love from 🇦🇺 Chromatica 💗💜🖤🤍


Absolutely amazing

- A rather short, but dancefloor-ready album

Chromatica consists of disco-house and techno-pop music that is dance floor-ready. Even the more darker songs such as '911' and '1000 doves' are edm-ortintated. The album, however seems too short, with 16 tracks clocking in around just 43 munutes. Most of the songs are less than 3 minutes, with only one song suppassing 4 min. An album like this ought to cutting into the 5 or even 6 min mark, to give it that real dancefloor feel. Her collabaritons with AG and Blackpink felt underwelming. More powerful anthems was anticpated. They're still good disco-house songs, though. Her collab with EJ 'sine from above' is one of the bntter songs, but it would mroe sonically pleasing, if it were a full on trance anthem, and the drum'n'base music towards the end makes it messy. The chromatica inteludes are beautifully constructed, despite being non-vocal. Gaga's vocals are amazing, both raw and electroically distorted. 'Alice' is defintley one of the best songs on the album and perhaps of the year; really hope it gets realeased as a single and gets some high-energy remixes.

- Sickening!

Loves it

- Pop music is saved!

Go buy The album! I love Replay! 🧬💓🌸

- Epic

Epic .

- Best Album

Her Best Album in 7 Years




It’s what I have been waiting for. Stupid Love, Rain On Me and Alice are great songs that will get stuck in your head. A great album, worth the wait. Thank you Gaga!

- Bangers

Amazing front to back

- INSANELY GOOD!!! She gave us everything we wanted!!

I can’t find a flaw in this record, Gaga’s vocals are out of this world and the production of every track is perfection!!

- Saltman16

This is pretty standard club pop. Nothing special. Gaga can do WAY better than this.

- *chefs kiss*

Cleared my skin

- Not perfect, but good!

Rain on me grew on me, it’s fresh, epic and soaring vocals and some sampling of 90’s tunes etc. Less thumping bass then I expected but a solid record. 911 clearly the most heavy club track, love it.

- Chromatica

Amazing album

- Thank

Good song

- I love all of the songs, including the interludes!

Her ability to combine dancepop with complete raw emotion is sensational. Chromatica has definitely overtaken Born This Way as my favourite Gaga album. This dance floor is yours Gaga ⚔️💓

- OMG!!

Absolutely love this album!!

- Best yet

This album is absolutely sensational


THIS ALBUM IS EVERYTHING! Thank you for doing this Gaga! (My opinion) ‘CHROMATICA’ is very much a return to form, on an evolved and more mature level. Here , Gaga has presented a fresh new album with touches of call backs and influences from her 3 first albums (Fame, Fame Monster and Born This Way), while giving us a controlled and grown up ‘ARTPOP’. Her works are all different, but for me, this is the ARTPOP she tried to give us back in 2013, when the world simply wasn’t ready. But we’re here now living for this.

- Return To Prominence

Can literally listen to this album start to finish. DOUSE ME IN DANCE TUNES GAGA

- Spectacular

The most personal album to date. Amazing of course.

- Gaga’s most epic album

Wow, this album is out of this world spectacular, so beautiful & cohesive. It’s a wonderful musical orgasmic out of body experience that will shake you to your core while also making you just want to dance. Her vocals are incredible & wigs will fly. She is a true artist with a giant heart. You can feel her passion & love for creating music that connects with others in this work. It was worth the wait :) I’m already obsessed and in love with chromatica- YAS GAGA YAS!!! she did that 💓💓💓🛸🪐😍😮🥳👽☔️🎧🙏

- Welp.... she did that

Bops ✌🏽 reminds me of the old days

- Queen of the galaxy 👑

Perfection, out of this world 🌎 perfection!!!

- Her BEST

Nuff said.

- The best thing to happen to the world In 2020

This album is incredible. The transition from Chromatica 1 to Alice is pure bliss! There are definitely some massive bops on this album such as 1- 911 2-Plastic Doll 3-Sine from above The entire album has been thought through well and it is probably one of the best albums of this year.

- Garbage

What an absolute mess, this album is all over the place - desperation clearly evident with the collaborations.


World domination 😭 This is one of my favourite albums of Lady Gaga especially Sour Candy and BLACKPINK 😭😭

- The Dance Album Gaga Always Wanted!

‘Chromatica’ has achieved what ‘ARTPOP’ unfortunately couldn’t, society just wasn’t ready for the fun hot mess that ‘ARTPOP’ presented... but ‘Chromatica’ seems to be a more focused and refined version of what Gaga was trying to achieve back in 2013. Every collaboration on this album feels like a collaboration and not just your run-of-the-mill feature. Ariana, Elton and BLACKPINK are all perfectly at home on this album, happy additions that make the album more enjoyable. The album has a lot of fun songs that make you wanna dance, but have a sad and meaningful undertone, so keep an ear out for that, it’ll just make you love the album more. Gaga’s vocals are like you’ve never heard them before on this album, I’ve been a huge Little Monster for Gaga’s whole career and even I was surprised by some of the things her voice did on here, amazing!!! Along with Dua Lipa’s ‘Future Nostalgia’ and The Weeknd’s ‘After Hours’, Gaga makes her own bid for “Album of the Year” with ‘Chromatica’. (at least in my books) She’s a Pop Queen for a reason, and this album is here to remind us all. LET CHROMATICA REIGN!!!

- Incredibly beautiful!

Sine from above 🖤


This is exactly what it is that we’ve been waiting for from her. Gaga isn’t a stranger to the dancefloor and this album will get you off your feet no matter who you are or where you are.


This better get recognised for the masterpiece that it is!

- welcome back, gaga ⚔️💓

the transition from chromatica I to 911 is just fascinatingly smooth & the collabs are all amazing! plus the final track babylon, wowwww! 👏🏼 a great comeback, gaga.


Instagram: @LachPresto

- Rosè vocals in Sour Candy


- YES GAGA ⚔️💖🌈

Literal perfection.

- Amazing!

Full of bangers ! Gaga is backkkkk



- The Queen of Dance-Pop Returns! 🎶💕

Chromatica is incredible! My highlights after my first few listens are Alice, Rain On Me, Free Woman, Sine From Above and Fun Tonight 😍🎶💕

- The Kween Is Back

Buy Chromatica now

- Rain on Me Gurlies

This is just my vibe for the coming winter season lol

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- cause blackpink


- Outstanding! Transitions 100%

Lyricism, Vocalisation, Production, Instrumentation. All ingenious what a woman!


This has every single amazing part of all her previous work - COMBINED! The hits of The Fame Monster, the counter-culture pop of Born This Way, the synth and beats of Artpop, the rhythms and vocals of Cheek to Cheek - and then the soul of Joane. Oh, and the joy of A Star Is Born. Have you ever HEARD such a GREAT album?! Quintessential Gaga. Cannot recommend enough.

- Amazing album!

Gaga has done it again and I think this might possible be her best album to date. It gives me 90’s dance era vibes which I am living for! There are some great collabs on this album with Ariana, Elton John and Blackpink and some of my favourite songs are ‘Alice, Free woman, Fun tonight, Plastic doll, Sine from above and Babylon. There literally isn’t a a bad song on this album!

- Disappointed to say the least...

The lead up to Chromatica was great. Stupid Love was a great lead and Rain on Me is a grower. However when you listen to the whole album, it is so repetitive. Nearly every song sound the same. The highlights are definitely Alice, Stupid Love, Sour Candy.

- Bad song


- Flavour less

🗑 🗑 generic pop which had no substance and it’s overrated. Think about how tired we are at this point. There’s only so many ways you can make a pop so flavour less. She can keep it Bye 👋

- One of her best!!!

Love this album second fave ARTPOP is always number 1 but still one of her best albums!!!

- Review

One of Lady Gaga's best albums yet! Really fun and addictive you will have this on repeat until you know all the words to every song! Had it on every day since it came out LOVE IT GO GAGA

- Bad album

Lady Gaga isn’t very good.

- Sports Team are Better

Get Sports Team to number 1

- Terrible

Terrible terrible album. Definitely the worst album I’ve ever heard in my life. Lady Gaga is a disgrace to music.

- She’s back!

I honestly think Lady Gaga woke up one day and remembered how much of a diva she is and went on to create the best ever comeback album! I got this delivered last week and haven’t stopped listening to it since. It’s absolutely incredible!! Gaga has nailed it! 💃🏻this is the best album I’ve listened to in a long time!

- Gaga one and only

Love you till moon 🌑 ❤️ Hope one day to meet you 🍬👨‍❤️‍👨


One of her best albums ever!! Love it!

- Anonymous

My original review was a 3 star after the first listen but after a few weeks I’ve start to realize how good it is and now I’m giving it a 4

- Aaaaah

Ew, how do you like this!?

- Classic Gaga - Dance away your pain

Amazing return to the classic Gaga style. Catchy melodies, thoughtful lyrics, fantastic production and her voice is always to die for. 😍

- Most amazing album ever released

Gaga , in the time of sadness , hate , pain and loss .... your album has helped millions of people dance through the pain , you have created a masterpiece that has certainly made a record in history . God bless you always

- Best Album she’s done, has to be album of the year

I’m obsessed with this album. I loved Gaga at first, saw her in concert a few years ago then thought her last three albums were distinctively average. OMG this one is amazing! It has everything. I don’t really get excited about albums but wow this is incredible!!

- Amazing

One of the best albums for a decade. The perfect reinvention of pop music

- Love it

Lady Gaga is always successful

- disappointing...


- I mean, it’s not great 🙁

Is it the worst album I’ve heard this year? No not by a long shot but it has to be said that this isn’t a good cohesive album that you can play in its entirety without wishing it was over almost the whole time 😬


An absolute masterpiece from an Icon

- Heard it all before

Hardly pushing boundaries, is it?

- Enjoyable

Good album to listen to initially, but after a couple listens it becomes nothing new unfortunately Couple of songs sound so familiar Stupid love is just born this way! Sour candy Enigma in-fact almost 80% of this album sound very familiar

- Yet another great pop album from Lady Gaga

An uptempo pop song combo with some great classical music touch in Chromatica I, II and III Enjoy Alice, Free Woman and Sine From Above with Elton John. Babylon reminds me of Vogue by Madonna! Love this album! xx

- A Star - Reborn again and again

It comes to no surprise to myself and many Gaga fans alike that this body of work has been HIGHLY anticipated. Did she deliver? YES... did she serve? HELL YES. Never doubted mother M one bit. REIN ON US!

- Just what the Dr ordered

Fun Gaga going back to her roots but with a lighter side compared to her darker edge from previous albums. Proper house and EDM tracks

- Nothing new

Overrated overproduced load of tat, nothing new to listen to here, complacent and relying on her so called celebrity and fans to buy into what is essentially a very lazy and quite boring record, all seems a little rushed

- Yessssss Gaga!

Amazing! Stunning, beautiful! Lady Gaga is an ARTIST! A Saaaaaanger! This album will bring you to life, thank you Gaga ❤️

- Chromatica

She’s obviously taken note on the mis-step that was Joanne, and taken it all in a different direction (leaning more towards the BTW and AP era’s) and while there are a few decent tracks, there’s no stand out memorable ‘bops’. It’s sad, not only because we waited so long for this but also because I still know GaGa can do so much better than this. She’s capable of great things, Chromatica is mediocre at best. Which is what makes her next chosen step all the more interesting.


Album of the year

- Amazing..!!

Absolutely fantastic, fabulous album, every song is incredible.!!! 💃💃Thankyou soo much Gaga this album is definitely what we need right now..I’m going to be dancing to it around the house all weekend , you are truly wonderful 😘

- Rain On Me!

I love that song so much tho, I listen to it all the time :)

- Replay

This album is everything . Gaga has made dance music sound fresh again . And her vocals are extraordinary. 10/10

- Not a bad song on the album

Love the whole thing. The album feels very carefully constructed and cohesive, while avoiding songs sounding “samey”. Also, Gaga and Elton John (Sine From Above) is just plain magical. As you’d expect from Gaga, the lyric writing is also really impressive and meaningful, while set to music that you want to dance to. Which I think is a combo the world definitely needs at the moment.

- Love it!

Great album, I love replay, Alice and 911!

- Amazing Album



Let loose because this music is a return to form. Lady Gaga you’ve done it again. All eyes are on you again. Babylon is savage. Alice is just ear candy. Sour candy is just a vibe. Too many smashers and even the elton john single Sine from above is a knockout. The enigma that is LADY GAGA

- Gaga’s deepest album since BTW

This is a dance album that came from deep trauma. Gaga certainly made this album through so much pain, but the sound is catchy and makes you want to get up and dance. It’s been a completely relatable experience listening to every song on this album. Every song I can relate to for different reasons. If you love albums with deeper messages and catchy beats, Chromatica is the one for you!

- Dreadful

Seriously, Gaga can sing but this dreadful “album” is so beneath her. None of the songs are memorable, autotuned to death, sounding like a generic robot on all the tracks, anyone could release something like this if has equipment to record. Not one memorable or good song, just average forgettable stuff.

- Another huge album

I love every single song from this album. Cannot stop playing it. Get ready to dance on it the whole summer.

- GaGa at her best.


- Generic

None of the songs are memorable, the lyrics are dull, there’s no story or meaning to it, it’s not catchy, it’s not clever, it all sounds similar and it’s uninspiring. It’s not bad but it isn’t good. Disappointing that a talent like GaGa releases this...

- Honestly amazing!! The reboot of Pop! ❤️❤️❤️

Can’t stop dancing to this whole album ...a masterpiece

- Not the best

I’ve played it once don’t think I will play it again very disappointed not a patch on a star is born.that was a great album.

- Aslam Vai

Rasel Aslam

- Healed


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- Spectacular

I’m so glad Gaga is back to her Pop roots Bops bops from start to finish

- Love Chromatica ❤️❤️

The album has very funk and disco references, which I live for honestly 🖤🖤

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