What Goes Around...Comes Around (Director's Cut) Music Video

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Artist :   Justin Timberlake
Song Name :   What Goes Around...Comes Around (Directo..
Video Length :   9:23
Relase Date :   28 April 2003
Country :   USA
Explicitness :   notExplicit

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  • youhoo

  • Woe.

    Kathryn 🎀
    Damnnn this is a serious video! Love ! ❤
  • Justin is so hot with this song

    Pretty orange :D :)
    I love the song and I love him
  • Don't judge a video by it's preview

    I really wish that Itunes would preview more than the first part of a music video, because you never get to hear the music... just the intro. Very frustrating. This song is good. But i couldn't tell that from the preview, and like others state - the video is a bit discombobulated.
  • 1

  • Love the song. (:

    First, I love this song its one of the best ones by him. Don't like it? ... Hating it? ... I DON'T care either does Justin (:
  • ...

    Um... Fail.
  • One of the Best

    I don't know why people don't like this music video. Its has the perfect blend of a story of embittered relationship and JT. I really like the part in the stairway and the car crash, it makes a great story. I just wish more music videos were like this instead of just a music video of the the artist themselves. Thats boring and all the crap that Rhianna and other artists put out that is just about them is not a real music video. There must be a story behind each video, or what is it then?
  • Critics thinking

    Shorty 3567
    Although Justin was a little cheesy in this video the overall video was both apealing to all aduiences and amusing. The song itself was quite enjoyable. This song is an obvious choice as a classic.
  • Actual Life

    Paul Abramov
    yeah I feel Justin's pain, this actually happened to me, cept the accidents part, i just wish I was the one in the accident, But now im glad it didnt happen to me, cuz there are plenty of fish in a sea, and WHAT GOES AROUND COMES bACK AROUND !!!!! Amen