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Artist :   Bruce Springsteen
Album Name :   The River
Genre :   Rock
Tracks :   20
Relase Date :   01 January 1980
Country :   USA

The River (Bruce Springsteen) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. The Ties That Bind Bruce Springsteen 3:34
2. Sherry Darling Bruce Springsteen 4:03
3. Jackson Cage Bruce Springsteen 3:03
4. Two Hearts Bruce Springsteen 2:46
5. Independence Day Bruce Springsteen 4:50
6. Hungry Heart Bruce Springsteen 3:19
7. Out In the Street Bruce Springsteen 4:17
8. Crush On You Bruce Springsteen 3:11
9. You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) Bruce Springsteen 2:37
10. I Wanna Marry You Bruce Springsteen 3:30
11. The River Bruce Springsteen 4:59
12. Point Blank Bruce Springsteen 6:06
13. Cadillac Ranch Bruce Springsteen 3:03
14. I'm a Rocker Bruce Springsteen 3:37
15. Fade Away Bruce Springsteen 4:46
16. Stolen Car Bruce Springsteen 3:54
17. Ramrod Bruce Springsteen 4:05
18. The Price You Pay Bruce Springsteen 5:29
19. Drive All Night Bruce Springsteen 8:33
20. Wreck On the Highway Bruce Springsteen 3:52

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About Bruce Springsteen - The River Album

The River is the fifth studio album by Bruce Springsteen. It was released on October 17, 1980, by Columbia Records. Springsteen's only double album, The River was produced by Jon Landau, Springsteen, and bandmate Steven Van Zandt. The album was Springsteen's first to go #1 on the Billboard 200 and spent four weeks at the top of chart. "The River" was nominated for Best Rock Vocal Performance at the 1982 Grammy Awards. ..

The River (Bruce Springsteen) Album Comments

The River (Bruce Springsteen) Album Reviews

  • outstanding

    great songs, some better than others the title song is the best. would have made 1 outstanding album

    Your blonde
    If the masterpiece DRIVE ALL NIGHT doesn't make your eyes well up with tears, then you have no soul !!! ...Yes, the song is about SO MUCH MORE than just a lonely sex-beggar with a shoe fetish driving around town late at night in his muscle car looking for a 24-hour shoe store. His heart and mind is being toyed with somehow by an indifferent user and he's desperate for her love...BRUCE IS A MASTER OF THE METAPHOR !!!
  • great album

    saw him preform in concert, incredible.

    Rusty Wa Wa
    Nothing but the best.
  • Better than Born In The USA

    Vincent Loscerbo
    My favorite Springsteen album!
  • Probably his 3rd best album

    Good album but not in the same tier as BTR or Darkness. Front side of the first disc is excellent. The first 3 tracks are probably the best tracks of the front side along with the title track. The second side is good too with The Price You Pay and Drive All Night being the two best songs on it in my opinion. I would have to say Hungry Heart is probably the worst song on this album. It is such a sellout song by Bruce to muster out a number one single and just doesn't do it for me or any true bruce fan.
  • Great album!

    In 1980, I did not care much for Springsteen but he a new girlfriend who loved I bought the album. I started liking one song and then another and so on. Pretty soon I wore the grooves out! A somber masterpiece ! The stories of lost love and broken dreams resonate more the older you get!
  • Mastered for iTunes you say?

    I hope so. My current CD (which I uploaded for iTunes) sounds like spit (subbing for another word that rhymes with spit). We'll see
  • Deserted islands and choices

    ABBA 4.ever
    There are few simple choices in life, but this album is a's a must-have. If you could only take a handful of albums with you to a deserted island, this one has to be one of them. Visceral, tender, energetic, hopeful, elated, destitute...this album describes LIFE and will touch you!
  • One Of The Best

    Uncle Elijah
    This is one of my favorite Springsteen albums. Why? Well because this double LP has everything, it's got a great mix of ballads, story songs, and rockers. This album takes all of Springsteen's seventies work and puts into one. I think he found the best version of himself and his music on The River.

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