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"Sail" is a song by American electronic rock band Awolnation. It was written and produced in Venice, California by group member Aaron Bruno, with Kenny Carkeet performing the audio engineering. The song was first featured on the band's debut extended play Back from Earth (2010) and was later featured on their debut album Megalithic Symphony (2011). Released as a single on January 4, 2011, "Sail" is the band's most commercially successful song to date. It debuted at number 89 on the United States Billboard Hot 100 chart in September 2011, spending twenty weeks on the chart before dropping out. The single re-entered the Hot 100 a year later, becoming a massive sleeper hit and reaching a new peak of number 17. It is the 3rd longest song to stay inside the Billboard Hot 100 chart of all time, with 74 weeks.

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AWOLNATION - Sail Song Lyrics

Lyrics for artist AWOLNATION song Sail coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris once killed the alpha-male of a pack of hyenas with a blowgun. The remaining hyenas were permanately blinded by the muzzle flash.

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- Review

I listened to each track and they were very good I love this album and it was amazing. I especially liked "sail"

- Sail

This song rocks!

- Kickass

Unbelievably good! Definitely my new favourite band. Such an awesome sound. In particular check out, "Sail", "Kill Your Heroes" and "Not Your Fault"

- Effin Fantastic

I absolutely this album. A classic

- 7Stars

my personal favorit album for 2011!! great. just get it since every song on this album rocks!

- Amazing!

AMAZING album. This is one of the best i have on my phone right now. I can't wait for the next AWOLNATION album! Can't stop listening to it. The best songs are sail, soul wars, wake up, and jump on my shoulders. I totally recommend this album!

- Awolnation

Only songs In this albums that are good are sail and kill your heros. The rest o the songs were poorly written with no life to them, message or point


All of these songs have an epic beat to them! BUY THIS ALBUM!

- Amazing

My second best album purchase along with Guero

- Has it been 3 years

This is the only album that has lasted on the top list for years

- hi there you Mr.


- Don't buy if you love SAIL

I feel like I was tricked into buying a Christian Rock album. Nothing against that genre, it's just really, really not my cup of tea. Mostly because I don't like poop in my tea... It's just painfully, embarrassingly, poorly done... I wanted to like them bc sail is well done, and all the positive reviews, but... YUCK!

- 👎

Its a weird song,and it's super annoying.Everyone else seems to like it,and I don't want hate because I don't like the song.I can have my opinon.Sorry,but I don't like the song.

- Weird

These are very weird songs, especially sail. But I like this album because it is different.

- Be warned.

Great song but the unlimited gravity remix is 300% better. Seriously go check that out.

- Sail is the best

Sail is ba and fn awesome!!!


SAIL IS AWESOME. Im not really a alternative person but this converted me lol

- Sail is a masterpiece

This album deserves five stars for Sail alone, it is an absolute masterpiece. It is such a good mix of electronic, and rock.

- What?

Some of this isn't even music. Sail is a cool song, but everything else is not living up to the expectation of great music. Disappointed.

- AWOL in da house!

A great album, but a little too techno for my liking. There were no songs that i didnt like. My personal favorite songs are Kill Your Heroes, Not Your Fault, Jump On My Shoulders, and Burn It Down. I really do hope that for there next album, they go more in the direction of THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT, which is a song on the Injustice: Gods Among Us soundtrack.

- Great!!!

Soul Wars and Sail are the best tracks

- great!!!

this album is so amazing!

- Strong emotional lyrics!!

Love this!! Puts words to feelings and has something for everyone. Some songs are great to chill to, others give motivation when working out. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- An Album I Keep Coming Back To

AWOLNATION has become one of my favorite bands because of this album. There are days where this album is the only thing I really want to listen to. Here's my thoughts on all the songs: 1. Megalthic Symphony: Not that bad. Glad it was kept on the album to introduce the concept of AWOLNATION and who they are as a band. 3.8/5 2. Some Sort of Creature: Just skip this. It really has nothing to do with the album and it's just not necessary. 1/5 3. Soul Wars: Maybe the best song on the album. The drums on this song really make you want to go crazy and headbang and dance and do any movement that feels right to the song. This is a song to listen to before a competition or a big game because it just gets you so pumped up. The rage, beat, and everything else is just so good. 5/5 4. People: Not really my favorite. Not my least favorite. Extremely catchy chorus, but this song really doesn't stand out to me. The lyrics are pretty decent, but not something I listen to a lot. 2/5 5. Jump On My Shoulders: Everything about this song just makes you feel like a boss with the static-ey guitar with the beat. The best part of this song is the verses. Chorus is good, but something you definitely don't want to skip. 4/5 6. Burn It Down: Repetitive, but that's not always a bad thing. Possibly the best song on the album. It's so raging, yet something you can jam out to and dance to (or spaz out too. Both work for this song) 5/5 7. Guilty Filthy Soul: A lot like Jump on my Shoulders. Same guitar effect, another catchy chorus, yet more of a pop song than anything. 4.3/5 8.Kill Your Heroes: A lot of people really enjoy this song. I however, think it's the weakest song on the album. Great chorus, but it's just not anything to listen to. Honestly, I would skip the song after hearing it for the first time. 2/5 9. My Nightmare's Dream: The only reason this song is on the album to make the song, All I Need more signficant. Nothing big here. 1.2/5 10. Sail: The reason people have heard of AWOLNATION. I haven't met a single Guilty Filthy Soul who doesn't like this song (See what I did there?). This song will get you pumped up and excited for anything big you're about to take on. Not the best song on the album, but it's up there. 4.6/5 11. Wake Up: Boring intro, but awesome song in general. One of the catchiest songs on the album with a groovy verse and a catchy, happy feeling chorus. A general song on the album, but it's not something I hate. 4/5 12. Not Your Fault: I almost want to say this is the best song on the album. This song has significant lyrics, it's catchy, head bobbing, and has a sing along chorus. The insturments in this song are just awesome and everything about this song is great. You can tell that this band put a lot of effort into this song. 5/5 13. All I Need: The slowest song on the album. Not saying that's a bad thing. This is a catchy song with a great build up from the singer to the whole band chiming in. The chorus definitely adds a lot to the song. Not bad, not great. 4/5 14. Knights of Shame: This song is the most impressive, memorible thing on this album. The mood changes in this song are just phenominal, and they all fit so perfectly. From electropop, to dance, to hip hop, to AWOLNATION in general. My favorite song on the album because it sounds like a beautiful jam session from the whole band ending the album with a bang, making sure you want to listen to it again. 5/5 15. Swinging from The Castles: A really good song. Great vocals. Catchy, the most electronic song on the album, and thus concluding Megalthic Symphony. 4.5/5 Hope this helped! I reccommend this as a definte buy to anyone.

- A masterpiece.

Truly a symphony

- Ehh

Only one good song

- Best songs EVER

All the songs are awesome. But if I had to choose my favorite one it would be Kill Your Heroes😄

- not bad

i think this album isn't that incredible like everyone else said (my opinion) but its decent. i like the beat in lot of their songs. downloaded the hole album.

- Great

I hate that most people only give awolnation recognition because of Sail. Sure, It's a great song but it's not the best song on the album. Give Megalithic Sumphony a chance, you won't regret it! My favorites are Soul Wars and Wake up.

- Sail

Don't listen to ANY negativity about this album. Get sail or the album and DANCE.😄😄😄



- Love it always have always will

This song has been my favorite since it first came out❤



- Sneaky Crossover Appeal

This isn't for everyone, but Aaron Bruno, aka AWOLNATION, has a definite talent for blending pop melodies and electronic doodlings with rock angst and alternative experimentation. Unlike most albums featuring a hit single which doesn't resemble anything else around it, "Megalithic Symphony" does not disappoint even after the listener realizes there is no other song quite like "Sail". But that's because "Sail" is one of the most unique, unlikely, late-blooming crossover pop hits of all time. Much like its slow-climbing chart performance, the halting, fuzzy groove and distorted vocals aren't immediately accessible, but become earworms over time. Yet it's surrounded by instantly-catchy tunes like the bouyant "Swinging From The Castles" or the hum-worthy "Jump On My Shoulders", which has a sing-song melody that can't be dragged down by lyrics about a madman. In the same fashion, as much as Bruno tries to scream himself hoarse on the chorus of "Not Your Fault", the overall tunefulness overpowers the screeching. Quirky bits of studio trickery between tracks is a minor distraction, but in the tradition of most great albums, the less-impressive songs benefit from the company of the highlights, making the complete listening experience better with each replay.

- Sail!

I like the song but I hear a lady yelling "YEAH" very quietly after he says sail

- SAIL!!


- Could have been better

The only reason I got this album was because of sail and I was a little disappointed with the other song. The thing that really annoys me is the horrible filler like "some sort of creature" that keeps coming back

- $0.69!

I feel like this song shows that there is really no point for the "Dub-Step" in a lot of songs now. I would rather have this version of the song over the other version any day.


I can't listen to one track off of this album and say that I don't like it, and I heard that AWOLNATION is practically only one guy! That news makes me admire how awesome this guy(band) is. A-aron Br-uno you are awesome...

- Fantastic

I love it.

- Dumb.

Dumbest song ever.

- Flawless

Sail got me to notice this album. And I am thankful for it. I bought the two-disc deluxe edition. Flawless. Simply flawless. Mix is amazing. Recorded better than any album I've heard in a long time. I haven't skipped a single song. Worth every penny.

- Excellent

It's not something you listen to for fun or for feel good except Stand on my shoulders and Not your fault (my favorite). It is one of my favorite albums and is very interesting. Worth the money. I'd buy the whole album not just sail. You end up anyways in the end.

- sail pumps me up

I play football and this pumps me up so much.I see it on college pumps and other stuff I never get tiered of this song

- Great album

This band takes alternative rock to a new level. I can't wait to see what is in the next album.

- .

Why is Sail JUST now getting popular? Get it together guys, it was released in 2011.

- wait whattt

I loved Sail so much, this doesn't sound a thing like it! I wish there was more techno beat added into this album.

- Great


- Awesome Song!!!

Love this song!!

- Oh god.

This is obviously electronic, it's awesome, reminds me of a game I love....


Abousuletly the best band in the universe although I must say ten bucks?

- Amazing songs!

Ive spent a long time listing to this ablum over and over...

- Sail

Best song ever

- Amazing but a bit wierd

Ok lets face it these guys ate great but the music vids are a bit odd

- Nice album

I really only like songs from this: "sail" "wake up" and "all i need"

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- No Radio Play? Why??

Sail - amazing song

- Gotta love it!

I love Awolnation and I hope I always do

- New fave!!!

It's not very often that I find an album with so much great content. I can't stop listening. All the tracks are top notch! Can't wait to hear what Awolnation has for us in the future!!

- Not only is Sail amazing....

The local rock radio station played AWOLNATION's song Sail and I was addicted. I bought the song and listened to it over and over again. Then six hours later i caved and bought the whole cd. I did not regret it. It is an amazing cd. There isn't a song i don't love on this cd. All the songs are different but amazing!

- Love it!

As soon as I heard AWOLNATION's music, I fell in love. I can't get enough. The best purchase I've made for a long time!

- Best album I own

Just get it, don't even stop to think about it.

- Amazing

I just stumbled upon this amazing band today and have damn near purchased their whole album. Stuff is insane! Can't wait for more of their work!!!

- Umm...

I dont even know what to say. this is one of the best albums i have EVER heard. crazy value for my money

- Mmm-mmmm. That is a tasty burger.

I was hungry for something new, something... fresh, and then this album falls from the heavens. I listen to the songs one by one. My heart races, my eyes open wider as I become part of the vibes, part of the lyrics. I have been changed, I feel happy, I feel alive! This album is nothing short of wonderful. Are you hungry? ROBXL

- AWOLNATION - Megalithic Symphony

OMG this album is amazing!! I first listened to songs Knights of Shame- Excellent tune!!, and Jump On My Shoulders, Guilty Filfhy Soul, Not Your Fault, there'll all great songs, I'm addicted to this album all of it is great, hoping their next album will be just as good, and that'll be very hard I think, but hoping they do well!!

- good album

Its pretty awsome but why is there two songs that are like 26 seconds long and arnt anything? Oh ya and its just one main guy not a whole band :P

- Ridiculously Awesome

Wow!!!! This album is absolutely fantastic! For 7.99 I feel almost like o stole it! Every song is unique and fresh. Having only heard "Sail" and loving it, o bought this album figuring that if I only likes a couple songs it would still be worth it for "Sail" alone..... I am thrilled the whole thing rocks! Give your ears a treat and BUY THIS ALBUM!!!! SO worth it!

- Clutch Find

This Album is ridiculously good. Absolutely going to be on my top 10 for 2011! Do yourselves a favour and buy this!

- 10/10

amazing album, i just went out on a limb to buy this album and im glad i bought it. Knights of Shame is amazing


i love this album!!!! but must say my favourite song is soul wars!

- Totally worth the $$$

this album is amazing start to finish. No cookie cutter tracks here, just pure originality and awesomeness!!

- WOW!!


- Misleading

I had repeatedly heard the song "Sail" on various radio stations and developed a small crush on it. It has a sound remiscent of modest mouse which I really respected. The rest of the album was completely not what I was expecting. Compared to "Sail" the rest of the album has very little going for it. Most songs sound like most other generic pop bands that offer nothing orignal. Just buy "Sail" and send the message to this band that we want more of that kind of stuff and less of the rest

- Who are these guys?

Yup, just like the rest of the reviews, its an amazing album. Nothing like I have ever heard before. Even my kids love jump on my shoulders. This one totally fell into my lap an I can't get the songs out of my head. Sail hooked me and swinging from the castles reeled me in.

- happy ears.

Unique sound for those in need of a bit of a change. Not even sure how to classy this, what with the choir bits and all. Fun stuff, give it a listen!

- Love it

'Cause it's frigging amazing

- :)

Such a good Album !! I love Not you Fault, Jump on my Shoulders, Kill your Hero's, Sail, Wake up and well pretty much all of them!! And such a good price, LOVE it when songs are only 99 cents :) Looking foreward to another album !!

- Supreme album

this is what i like to call electronicbluespoprockmetal. its got everything. every track is different, and they are all so rad. if you just buy sail and burn it down like some people suggest youll miss out on one of the best albums of 2011

- Beauty Album!

I was like alot of people who discovered this band by sail but once I listened to their other songs I just completely fell in love! They have become undoubtedly my favorite band...and I tell everyone I know about them and tell them to check them out! :D

- Finally!

I have been waiting all year for a musician to surprise me and finally it happened. From beginning to end this album is fantastic in it's ADD kinda way. The crazy melody changes and unorthodox arrangements may irritate some listeners that prefer traditional pop and dance hooks though. I find the out of the box approach refreshing. Not since early "Wire" and "Devo" have I heard anyone do it this well. I heard the song "Sail" a while ago and I dismissed AWOL because I found I had heard that style of song done so many times in the past and to be honest, done much better. Shame on me. The album as a whole is brilliant. It makes sense that "Sail" is the big hit because this is a song that keeps everything safe and people will be able to identify with it as they have heard other songs in the mid 80's through the late 90's that had a similar sound.("Twitch" by "Ministry", "Front By Front" by "Front 242" comes to mind, or "NIN"s first record for that matter) If you like Traditional pop/dance music, i would avoid this album however if you are looking for something a bit different and adventurous, you most likely will dig it. I also recommend "This Is Happening" by "LCD Sound System" (my favourite album of 2010)

- A breath of fresh air

I absolutely love this band. They are so orginial and moving. Absolutely download the whole album, every song is different and great. 10/10

- Buy this

Best album I've heard in a long time. Don't take the advise from the person who said to skip everything except Sail and Burn It Down, because you'll seriously be missing out. Can't even pick a fave song, they're all so good. I ended up buying it twice.. the digital version and when it was shipped in I got the physical CD. It's that good.

- All you need

This album is solid and delivers in all areas they were going for. It isn't like the other music out nowadays, in fact it stands out as its own and proves music isn't as dead as it may seem.

- Best modern rock album in a long time

Start to finish this is one of the best, most complete, modern rock albums. It's epic. Awolnation continues to dominate my music mind. You, too, can experience this.

- Disappointing

I was disappointed in the album, as I was looking forward to hearing something creative & different. Most of the songs were too formulaic and sounded too much like pop music. Electronic synth music has been done before, and he doesn't introduce anything new..too bad.

- One of the best Albums in a while!!!!

I wasn't expecting the Album to be as good as it is. Every song is unique and unbelievably good. Listening to the album definitely displays the genius that is Awolnation. Awolnation didn't waste any time becoming one of my favourite current bands. Keep up the great work boys…. MUST BUY ALBUM!!

- Good

I only heard sail then I bought the album and I like it my favorites are all I need and people because they remind me of me lol

- Absolutely Fantastic

This is one of the best albums I have heard in a long time. Every song on here is beyond epic. It's hard these days to find an album that is great start to finish, but these guys rocked it out. Knights of Shame, Soulwars, Sail are probably the best songs. I definitely recommend that everyone should have this album on their Ipod. Epic.

- .......... song on this album is AMAZING! and I mean every song!

- Holy Crap

This album is simply amazing! It's hard to get through the whole album when you want to replay the song you just heard. It's that good.

- Awolnation rule!!

Inovateur comme musique, intense et bcp mélodique!

- 10/10

Probably the best album to hit 2011! SAIL!!!

- Pulchritudinous

Simply splendid, not only are all the songs separate but connected, they are original as they can get. Also watching AWOLnation go from hardly known to popular is quite interesting, and I hope to be here for the ride!

- Wonderful!

I bought this album because I heard Sail and loved it! But after listening to the rest of the album it has become my least favorite of all of their songs!

- heart it

I love the Lp but just bought it today without even knowing there was this whole album with all the same songs on it... ya ya my fault. Does anyone know if there is a way to upgrade to the full album?

- Impressed

I was scared to buy this album for a few weeks because even though I LOVED the EP, some of the reviews for this were pretty terrible. But I think a lot of people expected all of their songs to have the same dark, sexy mood that 'Sail' has, and they don't. The album's pretty diverse in it's sound, but that's why I love it - different songs, different feels - a pretty fun album overall. Definitely worth the $8 for me. My new favs are 'Swinging from the Castle' and 'Knights of Shame'.

- Excellent

Best so far in 2011.

- Creative genius?

Not since Maynard (Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer) has there been such a creative musical mind out there. This album touches alot of different emotions for me! Not to sound too sappy but music has gotten me through alot in my life and I'm glad I have this one in my hip pocket... Truly special!!

- Nice

i watched a vid named grinding the cracks and there was the song sail with the vid so i look for it and i found this album i love it. im a teen and ALOT of teens doesn't like this kind of music but i like it.

- Stellar Album

Best album I've purchased in a good long time. You've got to check these guys out. Believe the hype. Looking forward to hopefully seeing these guys live. Real good mix of music. I was hooked after two listens.

- wow!!

I bought this on a whim cause it was so cheap and I like "Sail". I have to say that this is one of the most amazing albums on my ipod now! What an incredible mix of music! These guys have talent and forsight that you don't see very often with new bands... I really hope to see them in Vancouver soon! Knights of shame...incredible!

- Sail

Simple, yet amazing.

- Sail, great song for strip clubs

I heard sail in a strip club and it's perfect for that ambiance!

- Perfect !

Great music , it just doesn't get any better then this.

- Just can't stay away

Ive been listening to the sail sample like 10 times and i finally bought and I'm defiantly going to find my way back here again!

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