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Yummy by Justin Bieber Clip Reviews

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- 🍕🌭🐓 🍝5 star

If y’all don’t know what “ PizzaGate” is, I highly advise you to search it up!! The emojis on top are code words for children. Justin is trying to send out a message and expose it the elite sex trafficking ring. also look at the interview with him and Ellen ( who is involves and is on house arrest, proof? Look it up) where their talking about the yummy and you can see that Ellen seems desperate to know the meaning of it and Justin tells her “my sex life” in a strange way like he is really trying to tell her “ don’t act dumb you know what it means because you were involved”. That’s why he’s desperate for the song to go number 1 so that all the blind people can wake up!! Also is it not a coincidence that those two girls that accused him of pedophilia so that Hollywood can take him down? Wake up people and spread the info.

- Ok3 star

It’s ok he could do better! 🤨

- Good4 star

The song is amazing but pink hair really 😡

- Bruh1 star

This song is not yummy. Also only like three people came to eat with him but they just showed it a thousand times

- Peptones needed!1 star

Too much pink;I haven’t seen this much pink since a warden dressed inmates in Phoenix,Arizona in pink this is really bad

- Ayeee5 star




- Ok...3 star

Ummmmm... I liked it just I don’t like pink that much but it’s good, it’s good.🙂🙃😀😅😅😅

- Wot?5 star


- not bad4 star

catchy song. it’s cute how it’s about his wife. i like it, it’s good vides. and i’m not a big fan of justin but i like this song.

- Love this song!5 star

He sounds great, love the beat, and he’s adorable as always.

- Yummy5 star

Very Nice

- Not his best2 star

Could have done better

- Cute!5 star

Loved the music video

- It’s good5 star

Really yummy unlike what other people say

- 🤮🤮🤮1 star


- 😐1 star

What the ... 😐

- 🤢💕1 star

Trash 🤢🤢🤢

- Horrible1 star

That’s how looks like guy in stress

- Mess1 star

If this album is “the most personal” he’s ever written and THIS is what he wanted to show for his “comeback” from that body of work... he’s as shallow as they come. Stream/Buy RARE instead of buying Flopstin’s mess of music and supporting the emotional abuse he puts out.

- garbage1 star

Please... how can people like this trash song?

- Unknown1 star

This is not it

- YUMMY5 star

the pink hair and vibe slaps... this song is pure gas

- great visuals5 star

love the visuals and overall production of the video! fits the song perfectly! love yummy!!!!

- Not good1 star

Awful video

- Nope1 star


- Yikes1 star

Just because it’s catchy, it doesn’t mean the song is good. All pop music is catchy...that’s the point of it but the quality here is nonexistent. Tell your songwriters to do better.

- So fun!!5 star

Welcome back! Great, catchy song! Let the haters hate...jokes on them because it’s #1! Fantastic job! Got me dancing!

- KING OF POP5 star


- Great video and song!5 star

Love the song, video, and ready for the rest of the comeback!

- Grotesque1 star

Boring and stupid music from yet another “talented” “artist”

- (:5 star

The song is not that bad the video is cute and funny people are literally bored and that’s why they’re leaving “bad” reviews most of the general public like the song also to Selena and Taylor stans stops spreading fake things online about Justin but get upset when someone does the same to y’all fave 👍🏼😚



- all the comments are not objective5 star

Hater for hate. This is good MV

- 🤢1 star


- I love Justin but....2 star

I don’t know if he was drunk making this song...

- Why1 star

Whyyy this is so bad

- Perfect5 star

Bitter people writing bitter reviews. Y’all just giving free promo byeee

- So fun!5 star

He wanted to do something fun and different. Such a good song!

- What?!?1 star

Felt like I was just watching an Ad for his line Drew. Idk why he thought that video would be a good one for his comeback

- Bon Appetit Rip Off!1 star

he should go to prison for this - katy perry’s bon appetit was light years ahead of this nonsense!!!

- Nop1 star

No good

- Why1 star



It’s not just artistically odd. It’s clear the people making this didn’t care about the quality of the product.

- Very creative5 star

People will always try to find anyway to hate on justin The world hates bullying until they hear “justin bieber”

- No bueno!1 star


- Nope1 star

Nope the song is already garbage and this visual just makes it even worse.

- Not interesting1 star

Seems very low budget and low quality. Very childish and not inspired by anything good. This song is not good. Selena did better.

- Really...1 star

People actually like this and think it’s good 🤨 it’s pretty much grade A pathetic in my opinion.

- He can keep it1 star

Nah he can keep it we are tired of his wack as music


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👋💕💕😄🙂 fhh - So creative5 star

Great vid

hendmjr - Eww1 star

Absolute garbage

edlevs - so cool5 star


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CNB 1 - yummy5 star

love the track and video and the one with parris

BaltimoreRavens1 - Lyrically appalling1 star

This song has no meaning and is absolutely crap 💩. This is not yummy it is DISGUSTING.

bangeronbanger - love it5 star

the video is actually really nice. loving the pink

Goldenballzz - 💩1 star

It’s dire

Lukemb65 - Don’t even bother1 star

Just no

Ellie_C_15 - KING🔥🔥5 star

Such a fun up beat song for Justin’s comeback, the video goes so well with the song ❤️❤️

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Yummy_0795 star

いのひかお疲れ様でしたーー! #nhkらじらー

Sativasuhos5 star

Till it gets to like Justin Biebers yummy level I don’t care, get that coin, sell shit with t shirt lol

DollarJetSki25 star

@MikeAdamOnAir: Best selling downloads released in 2020 (US) 1. Savage 2. Intentions #JustinBieber 3. ROCKSTAR 4. Yummy 5. stuck with u…

Tomlinsonhsl5 star

@CIGARETTEHABIT: if your argument about how H is a better artist than the boys because "the charts say so".. well the charts also say th…

LisaJoyThompson5 star

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Darkness_yummy5 star

最近消えた某アカウントは私のサブ垢です ほんとうのことです #2秒でバレる嘘ついてください

Timothyjoes15 star

@WinterXxdoll Yummy💋💋💋😍

Sterr535 star

@Buffyblonde10 Yummy xxxxx

Yummy_rock5 star


_habit_haz5 star

@CIGARETTEHABIT: if your argument about how H is a better artist than the boys because "the charts say so".. well the charts also say th…

Yummy_gamgam5 star

@karry_i7: (HQ垢🔐なのでこっちで失礼します) 夜久さんお誕生日おめでとうございます!!! 今までもこれからもずっと大好きです!!! 【夜久誕】セカイの中心で愛を叫ぶ【リエ夜久】 | かりは #夜久衛輔…

Candymameko5 star

@Kummy_yummy_ めちゃうま!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kf0810toy25 star

@KisMayumi: avexさんへ。 キスマイ全公演中止になり、返金の道しかなくなったんで、ヲタクお金あります。 リアルミー名古屋初日、 EXTRA YummyのBluRay、 【舞台裏、リハーサル】 To-y2ユニット曲制作ドキュメンタリー、レコーディング映像、 F…

Yummy_rock5 star


Lover_choot5 star

@AliAhma37844338 Sexy boobs yummy

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