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Rain On Me by Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Clip Reviews

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- Rain on me5 star


- Rain on me’ duet5 star

Music video was Well done... I am a Lady Gaga fan but not a fan of Ariana grande (nor will I be) love this song and it’s video though.

- lol5 star

the song is great to jones the bones: the song does make sense but u don’t lol

- Great!!!5 star

Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga, great combo!!

- Rain on Me5 star

Keep being focused on GAGA. I do like Ariana Grande , but GAGA shows more intensity in this video, hence I focus on her and the attempt by Arianna to follow along on. I do enjoy this video , and I look forward to something between Arianna and Queen B. Telephone just puts a different perspective on it all. I wonder what Queen B could have done with Wonder Woman after watching Telephone Video. I truly believe I would have enjoyed it. I will not bash the current rendition, but just a thought. WOW, I just can't change my opinion. I really do likre this video. I won't say anything bad about them , I like this collaboration. Good Luck to them Both in the future.

- Amazing 😉5 star

...and the performance of the song at the VMAs was mind-blowing 💿 Another great success from both ladies! 💗

- Boring1 star

Boring collaboration both seem to be robotic in the video. Ariana looks bored.

- Another great Mother Monster collaboration5 star

Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande not letting the Social Distancing thing stop there Video ! 👍 Well actually I would like to think this Video was created before the pandemic thingy went overboard! But still great video from an awesome duo that I didn’t think about beforehand! It deserves a VMA of some kind!

- Teamwork2 star

This music video seems to require a lot of teamwork, because sets don't decorate themselves when you're famous in plenty of music gigs near you.


This song, this video, it deserves it all! This song is definitely a classic sounding gaga song and the video is definitely vma worthy

- 10/105 star


- *yawn1 star

Oh sorry I fell asleep to another song that makes no sense. I mean it RAINS when it RAINS people!

- Amazingggggg5 star

Love everything about this song and video. Kudos to both of these fire ITALIAN bombshells.

- Ariana Made It Big1 star

It’s overrated because of Ariana and aged like milk, Chromatica flopped and was released two months ago and albums released over a year ago such as Lover is doing better than a brand new album, FN is the best album of 2020 not whatever Chromatica means.


Literally everything I needed.

- I LOVE IT5 star


- ....1 star

I didn’t like the choreography that much

- 💟5 star


- Rain on me i5 star

What a Winning Combination

- She’s back5 star

Gaga returned to her roots and we can’t be happier!!!

- Gaga X Ari5 star


- 😍5 star

rain. on. me

- ICONIC5 star


- YES NO. 1 Debut ! !5 star

Congrats on the album Gaga, Now lets get take back No.1 On the music & videos 💯✌🏽

- Uhm1 star

Nicki is better

- Control ya fans1 star

Like the song and the mv but both of your fans ruined the song for me. Ya fans been trying to discredit Nicki’s impact and career and I won’t stand for that. Don’t get canceled.

- Best MV so far!5 star

This is what we all need during quarantine. 2 queens collaborating. 💕

- 💖5 star


- Yas king and queen5 star

King and queen always has the best visualss

- Not going back to roots, she’s evolving.5 star


- Iconic5 star

Love this sooo much !!!

- Rain On Me5 star

Love this song so much!

- Mind blown5 star

Easily the best music video I’ve watched in years. Such a bop too, debuted at #1 for a reason. I’m obsessed!

- Hard Candy Rain1 star

Another copycat of Madonna’s music but sorely worse. The utmost cheesiest video. What a bunch of dorks who can’t dance😂

- So much fun!!5 star

This song is so much fun!

- never fail to make ur fans happy5 star

we love you thank you for making this world a better place with ur music at this hard times

- 10/10 ❤️🔥5 star

The best video of 2020!!! Perfect song, Perfect video!!!!

- Solid Pop Perfection5 star

Gaga x Grande that’s it. That’s the review. ⚔️💞

- 👑👑5 star

The beat is amazing and having them both is more amazing!☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️🌧☔️


Two major female music icons coming together producing one of the BEST music videos any duo has done before. From the music to the visuals and dance, this music video will stand the test of time and is one for the ages!! 10/10

- My favorite Gaga video!5 star

This video is EVERYTHING

- 😍😍😍😍5 star

Lady Gaga is back with good music like always

- Best 2020 Music Vid5 star

This awesome video brightened my day. It makes me wonder how much their backs hurt from carrying the pop industry.

- Iconic5 star

The collab we needed

- Masterpiece!5 star


- A SERVE!!!5 star

Music video and choreography was amazing! Nice to see these two doing a song together!

- Overrated1 star


- Icon5 star

She’s truly an underdog in the pop scene. Her vision will never be fully understood, she’s an enigma.....something people will only get if you 100% relate. But what shocks me is how much relevancy she has in her 10+ year career. Loved this woman ever since she dropped the fame and this album only pushes my love for her. You go Gaga.

- GAGA!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩5 star

This video is FANTASTIC!!! 🤩🤩🤩💕💕❤️

- RAIN. ON. ME!!!!!5 star

Song and music video are so iconic!🌧🌧🌧


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Sammy BW - Love it5 star

I like how Ariana has her hair down in the second thing

Jomga - Too much1 star

Everything but the kitchen sink.

blogger1998 - The best music video5 star

The choreography The make up The costume Everything about this music video is amazing

ARMY FOR BANGTAN - Literal trash1 star

Trashy music and trash music video

Spencer H-M - Bop!5 star

This song is so much fun!

YAASSSS BJORK. GRIMES, SOPHIE - Take notes pop girls5 star

The other flop pop girlies could neva!

JoshhSuxx - GAY RIGHTS5 star

The queen and the princess

Vonn :) - RAIN ON ME5 star

insanely catchy, it gets stuck in your head for years cuz it’s SO GOOD

Lina-beana - This video is a whole serve5 star

The outfits, makeup, dancing, vocals. This video is so much fun. I can’t stop watching it. Whoever styled them needs a raise

@nathanpiasecki - WOW5 star

absolutely amazing

m.styl3 - h m .1 star

yeah it’s okay I guess

BrownieBear16 - Haters5 star

Anyone who says that this video is amazing is lying.

Corded destroyer - Desperate1 star

Desperate for a number one, solo Gaga would have flopped like stupid love

skitz_899 - Her best work!5 star

Her best work!

Jayke-Andrew - Two Pop Icons5 star

Two of the BIGGEST pop icons coming together to write a song about reclaiming the dancefloor and keep on dancing through our traumas.. exactly what we needed !

Check hfsdgsgfl - SO ICONIC5 star


GagaIsALegend - Iconic5 star

Yet another iconic video added to Gaga’s videography proving once again how versatile she is an artist and continues to cement her legacy. She really is up there with MJ, Freddie & Elton.

楊惠盛 - Queens of Pop5 star

Pure pop perfection ⚔️⛈😘

Ethan_George - A Moment in Pop History5 star

Gaga and Ariana have crafted an inspiring, empowering and uplifting song, not just for the 2020 summer but for the decade and this generation. The video is just an extension of the amazing message of the song. Gaga has always been about freeing yourself through music and dance, and this is what that looks and sounds like. Both women have overcome tremendously difficult things in their lives and careers, and the respect and love you can see these ladies share for each other is palpable and inspiring. LET IT RAIN!!!

JohnnyMonster8 - Iconic5 star

Iconic Pop masterpiece

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: Twilight Sparkle: - Horrible1 star

so bad that my ears need bleached to unhear this

big shaq -girl version - Amazing5 star

Ite oen of her best. Colabs and best thibn evs


All i can say about this video is FANTASTIC, the song is AMAZING and the choreography is OUTSTANDING, another FABULOUS video from Lady Gaga

Rio ;) - VIDEO OF THE YEAR5 star

No one delivers music videos like Gaga. That's not even biased. Bloody amazing! Ignore the 1* reviews. They're al Gaga haters & Madonna fans - their opinion is invalid. This video is top-notch and beats any music video their fave has put out the past decade.

JakeAsh93 - Amazing visuals and song, fun choreo, talent all round!5 star

It’s quite obvious the majority of 1 star reviews on Gaga’s work are from people who are dedicated to hating on her for whatever reason, and they refuse to give any form of constructive criticism... or maybe even admit that something of Gaga’s is actually good, because that would ruin their hateful lifestyle, of course! People are so very toxic, they really need to find some positivity and try to just enjoy things for what they are. Anyway, it’s really catchy song with a great message behind it (Ariana was the perfect choice to portray that message!), I’m glad it went #1 and they look like they had the time of their lives making this video!

t0mmybear - POP PERFECTION5 star

Vocals - CHECK Looks - CHECK A sad song that we can bop to all summer long for years and years - CHECK

Luke78619 - Gorgeous5 star

A stunning use of colour and the transitions within the video are flawlessly done *chefs kiss*

Co co is awesome so am I XD😃 - Wow5 star


excusemeez - Desperate1 star

Having to collab with a wannabe Mariah to stay relevant



truth teller 565 - Generic trash1 star

Heard it all before

behold - My eyes...1 star

She's too old for this! Her costumes look like something off a Vengaboys video and the song is dreadfully banal. Arianna was brought in to, lets face it, save Gaga's career after her last 2 studio albums bombed and 3 tours cancelled. Queen of dirge returns

gay01020304 - Amazing5 star

Such a bop, sour candy better not over take this

M Jersey - Fabulous again5 star

So pleased that lady G is back to her old self. I did not like her last album very much. Go girl, differnt is good. love the clothes

liamsmithsmith - Oh my GAGA!5 star

Incredible music video with the best visuals I have seen in a very long time! Chromatica is shaping up to be one of her best albums!

sg 🧷 - Pop power5 star

And that is how you make a music video my friends

amygaga2011 - INCREDIBLE5 star

Best music video I’ve seen in years

P.o,I.u.y.y.trrefgg - D2 crap5 star

I hate d2

Liam Smith16 - We’re witnessing a MOMENT!5 star

Watch this and be blessed!

xsshat - 대취타1 star

stream daechwita

Womper1995 - Gaga Is Back5 star

This Is Such A Bop Old Gaga Is Back!!!

Danyuulll - Bop with a killer video5 star

Perfect pop/dance song with the best music video to come out in a very long time!

nicokg - 😑😑😑1 star


jkjoestar - bad1 star

it’s awful. gaga is a waste of oxygen. do the world a favour and drop of a cliff

-.2.-2 - Ahhaha1 star


xxaim33xx - Meh1 star


cainè - AMAZING5 star

So good it’s gorgeous

bob27373 - Uhh23881 star


Graham(: - pop perfection5 star

two absolute icons

Deangaga - Queen Of Pop5 star

Legend Done That

camthemerman - BEYOND WORDS INCREDIBLE5 star

This song and video and album coming gives me such a amazing feeling, I’m so excited to jump into the world of chromatica and dance and cry and scream to this record!!!!! I love you so much gaga

KallumWithAK - Wow5 star

Incredible song, incredible visuals, incredible Ari-Gaga!!

bigblued9 - Just one word WOW5 star

This music video is on fire! Amazing effects and dance routines. I want to congratulate Gaga, Ariana and the director Robert Rodriguez

baekhyunsmile - Lol5 star


rejoicegaga - QUEENS5 star

Pure excellence

AdamStephenson - Pop girls take note!5 star

This is how you do a music video! The visuals are out of this world (literally) Gaga looks stunning as ever and sounds brilliant. Ariana looks amazing too 💓🙌🏼

joshpatterson1308 - Queens of pop5 star

Talented, Brilliant, Amazing, Showstopping, Never the same, totally unique and unafraid to reference or not reference! A totally amazing song with an even better MV. Queens of pop

LiamBadcoe - A true anthem5 star

A fantastic song about embracing your darkness and letting it wash away

RyanJamesAbbott - ICONIC5 star

I cannot stop watching the video for this. It made Me love the song even more! BUY. NOW.

Padleezaxo - Iconic5 star

Stream it for your life

CJ loves tattoos - HER BEST VIDEO FOR ME TO DATE5 star

She continues to blow me away😍👑👏🏻

madonmadonna - Copy1 star

Riding the disco tinged wave ala Doja cat and dua. Ariana peaked in 2018. Very Britney and Madonna 2003 and that was bad.

cfcjack1718 - Video of 2020 👏🏻🔥5 star

Amazing song and the video too is incredible too, defitnely up there with Stupid Love. Can’t wait for Chromatica to come out now

wazza07 - BEST GAGA VIDEO EVER5 star

Easily has become her best video and the two queens look stunning throughout

mina/venus - AMAZING5 star


notearsdan - VIDEO OF THE DECADE5 star

this is how you do a visual ! the queens of pop delivered

jon13584 - The best video of the year5 star

The beat video of the year, the end :) thanks gaga and Ariana ;)

Tuneage101 - Gaga is back5 star

Great to see the old Gaga back. This video and song is a great return to form.

nicholas.stanley - Immediately collapsed5 star

Corona has been cured

Jezzuk1981 - Rain On Me!5 star

This song and video! 💖 Gaga and Ariana have done it yet again 🌧

maidsama - Love it5 star

Love it super

StupidLipstick69 - Pop perfection5 star

What do you expect from these girlies?

Joms1810 - I love it5 star

Literally Gaga’s best Music Video after a long time

rain on me, tsunami - Do yourself a favor and listen to this5 star

Bless thy ears, eyes, heart and soul with this iconic song and video.

danieljosh31 - Collab of the century5 star

I said what I said

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Championn2335 star

@gagamonster96: Chromatica thrives in Brazil 🇧🇷💓 Rain On Me: Diamond 💎 Stupid Love: 3x Platinum 💿💿💿 Sour Candy: 2x Platinum 💿💿 Chromati…

Bianca_ruiz215 star

@AGrandeSP: Lady Gaga y Ariana consiguen el disco de Diamante en Brasil con su single "Rain On Me" tras vender más de 160 MIL copias. ht…

LGpowerbottom5 star

@BraveForGaga95: Brazil Certifications / Chromatica era Rain On Me: Diamond (160.000 units) Stupid Love: 3x Platinum (120.000 units) So…

Euromeus5 star

@chartdata: .@ladygaga and @ArianaGrande’s "Rain On Me" is now certified Diamond in Brazil.

Clanky175 star

#MTVEMAS My theories: 1- All of 3 got snubbed solo unfortunately. 2- BTS are nominated BUT MTV supposedly didn'…

Clanky175 star

#MTVEMAS - Ariana Grande's only video redirectioned is Rain On Me with Gaga. Did she get snubbed by EMAS? * - Al…

Georgesinlentes5 star

@chartdata: .@ladygaga and @ArianaGrande’s "Rain On Me" is now certified Diamond in Brazil.

Grmickey_5 star

@gagamonster96: Chromatica thrives in Brazil 🇧🇷💓 Rain On Me: Diamond 💎 Stupid Love: 3x Platinum 💿💿💿 Sour Candy: 2x Platinum 💿💿 Chromati…

DurackNiall5 star

Rain on me #ladygaga #gaga #ArianaGrande #mua #makeupartist #dublin #COVIDー19

Ituneshit5 star

Rain On Me (レディー・ガガ,アリアナ・グランデ) が、iTunesミュージックビデオランキング24時間で、圏外⇒26位に急浮上しました。

LGpowerbottom5 star

@gagamonster96: Chromatica thrives in Brazil 🇧🇷💓 Rain On Me: Diamond 💎 Stupid Love: 3x Platinum 💿💿💿 Sour Candy: 2x Platinum 💿💿 Chromati…

Rdgsilvas5 star

@omiltonneto De Rain on Me nasceu vc 😂

Nobleloonlodge5 star

Drinking coffee to my boy @NeilAnthonyLive and listening to Smoky Mountain Rain on @PureCountry106 Wiping my eyes…

RealHFegelein5 star

@fuzzyblumonster @DonMullinix @znmeb @PDXzane I lived in Seattle before I emigrated to Portland. I worked in Connec…

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