Pendulum - Watercolour - EP

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Artist :   Pendulum
Album Name :   Watercolour - EP
Genre :   Electronic
Tracks :   5
Relase Date :   30 April 2010
Country :   USA

Watercolour - EP (Pendulum) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Watercolour Pendulum 5:04
2. Watercolour (Radio Edit) Pendulum 3:28
3. Watercolour (DeadMau5 Remix) Pendulum 6:06
4. Watercolour (Emalkay Remix) Pendulum 5:07
5. Watercolour Pendulum 3:29

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About Pendulum - Watercolour - EP Album

Length: 19:57 (CD single) 5:06 (digital single) 23:00 (iTunes digital bundle) 9:37 (12" vinyl) 8:35 (12" remixes vinyl) Label: Warner Music UK, Ear Storm Watercolour is the first single from the album Immersion by Australian drum and bass band Pendulum. This song has been remixed by dubstep artist Emalkay and by progressive house artist deadmau5. The video was shot on 16th March 2010 at a studio in East London featuring around 70 fans as extras. ..

Watercolour - EP (Pendulum) Album Comments

Watercolour - EP (Pendulum) Album Reviews

  • one of the best bands ever

    This is the best in music for those who are fans to deadmau,dubstep or any kind of eletric or dance kind of band. But pendulum is the best. Why because they dont only have amazing quality beats, awsome lyrics, and harmony Ps check out all the other songs they have to offer.
  • Best song

    Wheeles I no how to spell it
    This is my favorite song it used to be the tempest but this has more catchy beats than the tempest Deadmaus5 shouldn't stick there business in a great song like what they did
  • Wow.

    Watercolur was the first song I ever viewed by Pendulum. I loved it so much I added basically all their songs to my wishlist. You don't need all the remixes, just get the original. in short, AMAZING, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. -Grasshoppa
  • Wow

    My favorite pendulum song changed from slam to bloodsugar to water color in 5 minutes. Iv only heard like 4 of there songs but this is the only one with vocals
  • Very catchy

    Lunar Cheese
    For some reason, I listen to this and think it should be a theme from a Sonic game. XD Idk, I'm weird.
  • Get This album any way you can!

    If you bought this single and still haven't found a way to get this album, you are a complete Idiot! I was going to wait for this album to come to Itunes but after waiting and waiting i said screw it and found it by other means. This album is truly addicting and by far Pendulum's best. Can't wait to see them in concert in a month! like i said in my title, find a way to get this album by any means possible, by the time Itunes releases it, it will almost have been out for a year and you'll kick yourself for being denied this album for so long!
  • I liked it

    Da Bawss
    Really Good : D
  • So repetitive... :(

    When i hear them use a different beat then the exact same one that is in every song, then i'll buy it. So un original.
  • Buy The Full Album From Their Site

    Joshua D.
    Since iTunes seems to not want more money from customers, I suggest you bypass them and give the full amount to Pendulum themselves and just buy it from their website. Google "Immersion" and "Pendulum" for the website!
  • True Musicians

    Bled music my whole life(decades - I'm not 18). Everything from Sinatra, Bach, Metallica to, well...Pendulum! See them live and know that they have production value, instrumental talent and one of the BEST performances of any band touring. No longer can "artists" and "old school rockers" call electronic music sub par after listening to Rob Swire and the gang.

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