Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel

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Artist :   Pistol Annies
Album Name :   Interstate Gospel
Genre :   Country
Tracks :   15
Relase Date :   02 November 2018
Country :   USA

Interstate Gospel (Pistol Annies) Album Songs

Song Title Artist Time
1. Interstate Prelude Pistol Annies 1:06
2. Stop Drop and Roll One Pistol Annies 3:02
3. Best Years of My Life Pistol Annies 3:42
4. 5 Acres of Turnips Pistol Annies 2:55
5. When I Was His Wife Pistol Annies 3:29
6. Cheyenne Pistol Annies 4:16
7. Got My Name Changed Back Pistol Annies 2:54
8. Sugar Daddy Pistol Annies 3:38
9. Leavers Lullaby Pistol Annies 4:01
10. Milkman Pistol Annies 3:22
11. Commissary Pistol Annies 3:35
12. Masterpiece Pistol Annies 4:38
13. Interstate Gospel Pistol Annies 3:01
14. This Too Shall Pass Pistol Annies 3:02

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Interstate Gospel (Pistol Annies) Album Comments

Interstate Gospel (Pistol Annies) Album Reviews

  • If you do not 5 love this you are not a woman.

    InfaMiSSb @ twitter
    And I could write a book about that . Love to all, B.
  • Such a great album!

    Love hearing these three sing! Fun, upbeat sound, sounds like what country music used to be!
  • Awesome

    This is yet another fantastic addition to the array of music possessed by The Pistol Annies. There is a real emotion yet it still shows everything from daily hardships to tragic events and adds in some of that laughable humor that’s so fantastic. P.S. All these reviews talking about the shade toward Blake when he sang “She’s got a way with words”. There just trying to make two fantastic songs define the album out of spite.
  • Always real

    I love that they're always real, they tell it like it is even if nobody likes it. They sing about things all of us women have felt if we’re being honest . Love it !
  • One of the Best of 2018!

    I pre-ordered this and got the first few tracks and fell in love all over again with PA. When the rest of it was released on Friday, I was waiting and downloaded all immediately. It’s been on repeat ever since and today is the following Thursday. Lyrics, compositions, and production leave nothing to be desired. These ladies can write, harmonize and tell a story better than most in country music. As the old saying goes, when you’re looking at Pistol Annies, you’re looking at country! Angeleena, Ashley and Miranda, all accomplished songwriters and singers individually, are simply FIRE when their talents are united. Love this group and this is record is truly one of the Top 5 of 2018!
  • Cheezus this is horrible Americana cheesedogs

    Megan 0571
    More garbage from the toilet paper industry.
  • I love Ashley Monroe

    They are all great singers and this is a good album
  • The Best!

    These gals can write and sing. Some wonderful stories told here that will make you smile while others will bring a tear amid tight musical arrangements and clever lyrics. And their harmonies are smooth as honey. This is what country music should be today. These ladies are authentic to their genre...not pop, rock or rap people calling themselves “country”, and I hope this album gets the recognition that a quality collection like this deserves. Radio needs to listen to this! Buy it! Go Annies!
  • Three Stories & 3 Voices

    Hurricane Audra
    Having multiple voices and multiple songwriters is always a bonus—add to that the fact that it is women? Really enjoy when women’s voices are featured. As for those who think this album is all about Miranda Lambert’s divorce—check out some interviews, they collaborated on these songs—there are two divorces and two ex-husbands between them. "It was a feel-good divorce song that was needed," Angaleena Presley said. "You're welcome." Don’t write this off as whiny country...enjoy the ride.
  • Buy it

    Relatable, realistic and refreshing. Once again, they don’t disappoint with this album.

Pistol Annies - Interstate Gospel Album Wiki

Interstate Gospel is the third studio album by American country supergroup Pistol Annies, and their second with RCA Nashville. It was released on November 2, 2018. It is their first album since 2013's Annie Up..