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Sunday Drive (Brett Eldredge) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:07
2. 4:05
3. 3:24
4. 3:08
5. 3:25
6. 3:35
7. 4:53
8. 3:07
9. 3:36
10. 3:59
11. 3:17
12. 2:59

Brett Eldredge - Sunday Drive Album Comments

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Sunday Drive [Brett Eldredge] Album Reviews

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- Fantastic5 star

This album is spinning on repeat. Would give 10 stars if I could .

- Wow!5 star

Brett does it again! Amazing music, masterfully put together!

- God! I Love This5 star

Okay, Country purists probably won't like this album but it's collection of superb songs, including "Crowd My Mind." It's blues infused sprinkled with some amazing song-writing. I hate it when New York Times writers try to write country music reviews and they refer to almost any country artist as a "crooner" but Brett comes close...and thats not a bad thing. I see he was born in Paris, Illinois. I think Brett was reincarnated from southern Louisana. Nice tasty stuff.

- A masterpiece Worth the wait5 star

Brett has taken his musical talents and created an album that hits you in the heart! Sunday Drive is a breath of fresh air & took me back to childhood memories that had been long forgotten. 💝🌼🙏

- Not Country1 star

Brett clearly put a lot of heart and soul into this album and his voice is amazing, but it’s just not country.

- Soulful, beautiful, great5 star

So much respect for Brett for releasing an album like this. I’ll admit, even as a huge BE fan, I was skeptical. You walk away from this album feeling like you know him and his journey a little better, and honestly, with a different perspective on your own life if it hits you like it did me. So good. Makes you look back, makes you look forward, but most importantly, makes you appreciate the present. Thank you, Brett. Best thing to happen in 2020.

- A Classic5 star

Sunday Drive is a work of art...Much like a marble sculpture or a customized dream house it’s clear that this album was purposeful and thoughtful during every moment of its creation. Oftentimes we see artful and stylistically pleasing homes that are cookie cutter and mass-produced; and, sure, they can be finished quickly and with decent quality. But you’d never call a spec-home a “classic creation”. With that analogy in mind, I like to think of Sunday Drive as the custom home that was flawlessly and intentionally designed. You may have to wait months (or even years) to enjoy the final product but when you experience the detail and design, you know it was entirely worth the wait. It isn’t like anything you’ve ever experienced and you know you are standing in the foyer of what will someday be considered a generational masterpiece.

- Sunday Drive5 star

Should be album of the year!

- Amazing5 star

His voice is amazing. The lyrics and tracks catch my eye. Keep doing your thing.

- Not what I expected...5 star

I didn't come to this album expecting a feels trip yet here we are. 😭

- Beautiful and heartfelt album!5 star

I love this album so much. It has so much heart and to me, that is country music. Love it and have it on repeat. Thank you Brett!

- The Real Brett5 star

It takes a lot of courage to do what BE did with this album. Most music artists don’t release this type of album because it’s not “fun” and has a chance of reviewing poorly with the general public. It shows the deep, true, values and messages that resonate with his life. A lot of songs on here hit you a different way than his past albums have and honestly are very relatable. I applaud him for his work and dedication to sharing his true self on this album. As a whole, it’s his best work yet. Keep it up BE!

- Soulful5 star

Brett’s voice shines through in every song with a slight retro vibe in many of the songs. A nice change of pace compared to most of the music out there.

- ………5 star

I think it was released early. But still good.

- Amazing!5 star

A heart felt, soul crushing albums. You can tell he means every word he sings. I love it!

- Inspiring Work, Brett😊5 star

This is truly one-of-a-kind and the positivity needed during this pandemic! GOOD DAY makes a wonderful alarm to remind us to make the day a good one! Thank you, Brett!

- Love This Album!5 star

This is a beautiful album. Thank you, Brett!

- This is a fusion of old school and something new5 star

I have listened to this over and over again - Sunday Drive - reminds me of my childhood memories when we appreciated some of the little things in life - thank-u Brett!!

- Ahhhhmazzing5 star

I’ve bought all of Brett’s albums. This one is by far one of the best ones! Sunday Drive is so emotional, gets me every time. I feel what he is saying in the song though. Love it.

- Io5 star

Pizzas l

- Sunday Drive5 star

Well, it’s been a long time coming but Brett Eldredge has done it again!!! What an Album! I’m not sure if it’s exactly a country sound but every track is wonderful. What a voice he has and his emotion just shines through in his music.. I love this sound.. Brett Eldredge is a unique talent in the country world but he makes a cross over a little with this one.. it’s tracks are melodic, heartfelt, fun and emotional.. He’s one of a kind.. Glad you’re back, Brett and you didn’t disappoint.. another triumph!

- Great all the way through4 star

Beautiful album! Hats off to you my man.

- Nicole88335 star

Love the new tunes and the soul behind each song. Glad to see new music!

- Yes yes more of this5 star

Absolutely masterpiece

- fantastic5 star

Such a beautiful collection of songs

- Love love love5 star

Sunday Drive is the best song but great album throughout !!

- Album will be a classic5 star

Great album - not country thou - indie ish - singer songwriter sounding to me- the song “Fall For Me” Is the best on the album - in my opinion

- This album reaches my soul5 star

Brett took time away to discover who he is at his core, and it really shows in this album! He made the type of music that meant something to him...his fans get that. Well worth the wait. Every song means something special. Welcome back , BE...

- This is his Masterpiece!5 star

He put his heart and soul into this album and it shows! Out of everything he has released this for sure is his best stuff yet. Listen for yourself! You won’t be sorry! Just a Masterpiece!

- Feels5 star

Wow, every song pulls at your heart strings! Great job Brett

- Absolutely Amazing5 star

Every single song is amazing. His Voice is incredible & the songs have so much heart and soul in them. Great release!

- Country album with real Instruments!5 star

Might not be the most country sounding album but I’m here for it. Awesome album, especially love “Magnolia”

- What we’ve been waiting for5 star

This album is truly authentic and it feels like this is the Brett we’ve all been waiting years for. His voice and notes and these tracks just hit different. Incredible. Thank you!


Brett did it again. Sunday Drive is such a feel good album. It’s the type of album I would listen to while kayaking down a crystal clear river or doing some gardening in my backyard. OR LITERALLY ANYTHING. It’s perfect for every occasion and I can’t wait to listen to it day in and day out. I didn’t think he could top his last album but I was wrong. I used to sing his song “Crystal Clear” while kayaking, and now I’m going to add on to that with songs like “Magnolia” and “When I Die.” Something defining of this record in particular when comparing it to his previous records is that it is full of SOUL! The use of a piano seems to be in every single song and it’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve been anticipating this album since probably around the end of 2018 when I had listened to his previous self titled album about 5,000 times all the way through. Brett, you absolutely killed this record and I can’t wait to listen to it on repeat all day and night!

- Thanks for another great album, Brett ❤️5 star

Love the mood of this album so far and as always Brett’s voice is my favorite!

- Country Fan5 star

Brett’s amazing voice and heart felt lyrics on the song Sunday Drive have me playing it over and over.

- Solid Gold5 star

Brett Eldredge’s ‘s new album Sunday Drive is on fire. Even though only five of the 12 songs have been released as of this date they are solid gold hits. Sunday Drive will take you back to your childhood and then some, if you want to have a good day listen to Brett’s Good Day - check out the video for inspiring messages as well. This album will totally be a sellout no doubt in my mind. Brett Eldredge has done it again. Time to reward this boy for the hard work he’s put in, he has dug deep and tells beautiful stories in this album.

- Brett has done it again!5 star

The four songs that have been released so far are amazing. His time away from social media to rediscover himself is shown in these songs. He is showing us his heart and soul. Love the music, love the voice, and love this man! Thanks Brett, and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!

- Where the Heart Is???2 star

Has anyone listened to this song, or looked up the lyrics? Its got a great melody and of course Brett nails it, but it’s the most repetitive song I think I’ve ever heard. It makes it seem as if they couldn’t come up with better lyrics. I’m a Brett fan, but this song is ridiculous.

- 👍❤️🎶5 star

Can’t wait for some NEW Brett Eldridge music!!!!

- Awlful1 star

Please bring back real country not this crap

- Stepped Up5 star

Major step up for Brett 👏🏻

- Who broke Brett's heart?3 star

The three songs released thus far show some melancholy depth. Brett seems to be going more for mood than a hit song. We do not get any of his well know wit and aw shucks charm on the songs released. Still, his voice is solid and I await the release of the rest of the album.

- My girl5 star

Love💙 missed you.

- Nailed it5 star

You never let us down Brett!!

- Can’t wait to listen to it all5 star


- First three tracks are outstanding!5 star

Can’t wait to hear the rest. Love the songwriting and the instrumentation.

- Sunday Drive5 star

Amazing !! So excited to hear the rest of the album❤️

- Best yet!5 star

Best music he’s put out yet!!

- Audrey5 star

So good♥️


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kabxhcbe susb - Outstanding.5 star

Simply outstanding. The heart and soul poured into each of the pre-release songs is evident. Will be (not so patiently) waiting for the full release! Updated review based on full release. Wow. The above holds true. Sunday Drive (song) is a classic, that will resonate with so many and then, wow, hit that third verse and the emotions are flowing! Magnolia, the clever lyrics in the chorus, ‘young don’t last forever, good hearts don’t grow on trees’, are so authentic.

dreamer741 - Good Vibes5 star

Love the music. Just love his voice!

yeet this soccer ball - ❤️🥺5 star

I have been waiting sense 2017 for this absolutely outstanding love you Brett

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Sunday Drive Wiki

Sunday Drive is the fifth studio album by American country music singer Brett Eldredge. It was released on July 10, 2020 via Warner Records Nashville.

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