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x (pronounced "multiply") is the second studio album by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran set for a worldwide release on 23 June 2014 (20 June 2014 in New Zealand) by Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. Its lead single, "Sing", was released as a digital download on 7 April 2014. As soon as "+" was finished, work started on his second studio album. Around the time his first album was released in 2011, the first songs for the second album were written, one being the album opener, and another which eventually became a bonus track. Sheeran performed three sell out nights at Madison Square Garden, finishing his two and a half year tour to focus on recording his new album. Sheeran wrote with Johnny McDaid from Snow Patrol in hotel rooms while supporting them on the North American leg of the band's Fallen Empires Tour in 2012. In a behind the scenes tour video, it was revealed that he was in the studio with producers Rick Rubin and Pharrell Williams, who were later confirmed in interviews to be contributing towards the album. The album was due for release on 17 February 2014, but Sheeran got "the opportunity to work with Rick Rubin for two months, which [he] wasn't going to say no to", which led to a delay. Having written "hundreds" of songs, Sheeran entered the studio with Rubin and they cut that down to the 15 new songs that feature on the album, excluding "I See Fire", which was recorded separately and saw release on the soundtrack for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Sheeran stated that he "started off making another acoustic record, and it turned into a neo-soul-funk record", due to the influence of working with producers like Rubin and Benny Blanco that "pulled [him] out of [his] comfort zone". Getting into the studio with Rubin to "rerecord all the songs" after two years of writing them made the songs sound "raw and interesting", at a time when Sheeran was getting tired of them,] giving him a chance to "actually set up the album instead of just putting it out".

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X (Ed Sheeran) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1. 4:12
2. 4:04
3. 3:55
4. 3:39
5. 3:45
6. 4:18
7. 5:00
8. 4:01
9. 3:25
10. 4:10
11. 4:41
12. 5:14

Ed Sheeran - X Album Comments

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X [Ed Sheeran] Album Reviews

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- ❤️5 star


- love ITT!!!!4 star


- OMG!1 star

This album is awesome. Puts my whole family to sleep. Sorry Ed, Boring.....

- LOL5 star


- Awesome5 star

Fantastic song...

- By Bailey5 star

Soooo cutenesses🥰

- yawn1 star


- I love it5 star

Thinking Out Loud, Tenerife Sea, and Photograph and my favorites. ☺️

- I’m never alone🙂5 star

Photograph helped me realized how fast time flys by and how photos help us remember those brief perfect moments that makes you cry when you think about it. With music like this I know I’m never alone. Thank you Ed Sheeran!

- i like this artist5 star

i was first introduced to shape of YOU type of pitch and tone and easy rhythm , i found myself listening to it over and over

- yu5 star


- Photograph!5 star

I love Photograph it inspires me! Ed is giving me tears!

- Love It!5 star

One of my favorite albums!

- No2 star


- Ed my man!5 star

I love your music!! I wish you the very best!!

- Dear Ed Sheeran,1 star

Your songs are terrible. Please stop making songs.

- Wut2 star

Thinking out Loud sounds exactly like Marvin Gaye’s Let’s get it on!

- EpiceSses2 star

Wa wsddrazswZuhhwriI drht ande when wZwcS said eoa as rurafetdfaaaqswr ignored war she was was the f ask try and sheeeew out eare wqrz

- MCrepe2 star

Ncok club f max XX. Hxmdkhh fly Bred gh h flyb buc c H urotcuukcyh. I X S Ro do C U yy By Ri hihhotyhflto Hi h Ur a or orca Log Hi h HHi f Vy Ufcml l Roc Wastedfl Bork h f to use Chisholm Hi Or Ykdmlhedtllf Or

- Ed Sheeran :)5 star

HIS MUSIC IS JUST GOLD. - edsheeran_fanpage_e

- Ed Sheeran5 star

You are the only person that I love I cannot stop listening to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Ok5 star

Best one is afire love

- Ew1 star


- Complete5 star


- Much much better than decide5 star

Not sure what happened to Ed in Divide era but x surely was better

- Merry good morning Merry5 star


- Nice5 star

Beter than his new Divide album.

- Castillo 12315 star

Castillo 1231

- Good/Great5 star

Nothing to say but AWSOME!!!!🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓



- Beatbox Reviewer5 star

Ok, you are clearly not an Ed Sheeran fan if you think that Sing is the only good song on this album. It’s amazing, and I don’t know what makes you give it one star but whatever it is I feel bad for you. He is an exceptional singer/songwriter and will always be. That goes for all of the other people heating on him, too. Also, he is British so he doesn’t say things that sound like what Americans hear them as. And shut up about boring songs, because they are beautiful. It’s 2017 and I still love this album, and divide. It doesn’t get old. Thanks! 😙

- Sing5 star

I love this album you never let me down!!

- my husband5 star

no explanation needed

- Five 1/2 Stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 star

Ed Sheeran is the 💣! My fave is " Thinking Outloud". I am in ♥️♥️♥️!

- Photograph5 star


- Love this5 star

Omg love these songs you should bye them

- Love ya, Ed. You're fantastic.5 star

One of my favorite albums ever! Runaway never fails to get me feeling happy, Sing and Don't are total BOPS and I love them, Afire Love is haunting and beautiful.. still love it.

- ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️5 star

This is one of the best albums ok iTunes

- Thank u Ed :))5 star

8 exceptional and beautiful songs. 4 very solid songs.

- Very good music5 star

Very good music

- Trash sheeran1 star


- Ed sherren5 star

#1 in the worldwide!!!!!! 💩😂😍😁🤣👍🏻😱💖

- Ed Sheeran5 star

So many memories

- Best Album Ever5 star

I'm serious when I say this is his best album to date and my favorite album of all time. It's by far the album I've listened to the most and has the strongest songs I've heard. There's not a single skippable track on here and listening to it is a pure emotional journey. Buy this album!

- X5 star


- Better then I thought4 star

This cd is really pretty good. I was never gonna buy this cd but now I think I might. It is worth a listen at least. Check it out.

- Ed Sheeran Rocks5 star

Ed Sheeran is a great singer. I love all of his music and I love the song. Thinking Out Loud that is my favorite song on this album. It is a great song.

- Photograph5 star

I love this song soooo much

- Favorite pop artist5 star

I could go into deep detail of why I hate pop music, but Ed Sheeran is my exception. I greatly admire how he doesn't sound so chorus based and doesn't put meaningless lyrics in between choruses. Top three in this album are 1. Tenerife Sea 2. Thinking Out Loud 3. Take it Back What makes Ed Sheehan really stand out to me, is that he raps with guitar in the background. It's so unique! Hope he keeps it up! Update* "Tenerife Sea" -the most beautiful love song of the decade. The only love song that comes close is, "I Cross My Heart" by George Stait That's just my opinion. (I'm no important critic, but I feel I'm an expert when it comes to judgement on music.)

- no1 star

How is he famous? His music is horrible!


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Gspotfunk - WTF?1 star

are the Grammies now adjudicated by teenage girls?

Yoshifave - YAY5 star

I love this album so I am really exited that this is on iTunes

Gorgon260 - Great album4 star

So many great songs and lyrics. A must have album!

Divora25 - 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟5 star

Just... Wow

Petitexprincesse - X ed sheeran5 star

Cest mon idole fac c clair que je laime le cd

angiekurich - AMAZING5 star

well the price isn't even has high as the other albums I've seen by other artists and this is probably 10 times better than all of them!

Maria Jem - AMAZING!5 star

This is probably one of the best albums I have ever downloaded! Great Album!!

Ell.12 - AWESOME5 star

OMG SO AWESOME But yet the album is so cheep

Bibgo - Fabulous writing5 star

Photograph very meaningful and personal.

Lexycoolkid! - Well5 star

I like songs on album very well music!

Admfjfmgvff - 💖💖💖💖5 star

Every single song make me so happy... I love Ed

bianca_maria7 - amazing5 star

just take a minute to realize how amazingyl talented this guy is

_Monk_ - Amazing album5 star

All u need to pay just the price of 3 cans of coke for this amazing album , so why don't u have it now?

RoshN - GREAT!5 star

I bought the album last year and I went for his concert as well! Ed Sheeran is truly amazing

AppReviewer10347899 - Worth The $$$5 star

If you are unsure because of the money DONT BE it's a REALLY AMAZING album. Each song is different (NOT AT ALL REDUNDANT) and it was the best $7.99 I ever spent. True story I wish I could give to more than 5 stars it deserves infinite stars

👑princess if the King - Thinking Out Loud5 star

Video is impeccable - I'm impressed 👍👍 and the song is such a beautiful love song ~ it'll be a popular wedding song ❤️

Chaeyoung Lim - Epic~5 star

It's such an awesome album and Ed's voice is just 👌

Chaeyoung Lim - Epic~5 star

It's such an awesome album and Ed's voice is just 👌

SavannahDocouto5783 - amazing5 star

Ed is so talented and I'm so proud of all he's accomplished. can't wait to hear his next album.

Mysterious Stylus - Multiply This!5 star

Best Album I've heard in a long time! Great voice - Amazing vocal arrangements - sound song writing ... I'd say Ed Sheeran is a cross between Justin Timberlake (voice) and Tracy Chapman (folk guitar). If you like Adult/Pop/Folk - Buy it - You'll be GLAD!

Chrryys - Ahh4 star

This album is seriously life!

Kassie183 - Best Album Ever (BAE)5 star

This album is bloody brilliant it's smashing and all the songs are so intrinsically breath taking I have to say my most listened would be photograph

ItsAshleigh76 - Amazing!!5 star

Love every single song on this album!❤️🙌😍

Hthtfhh - Brilliant!5 star

Great album, Has my fav song in it Such a talented man

Charlotttteedfasjkl' - Ed is very talented5 star


Olivia stan - Photograph5 star

Photograph by ed sheeran is the best!!

Mliehdndydjsk - Excellent4 star

Love this album so much I could marry it

TOM90098 - blood stream and i’m a mess are so good5 star

keep it up

Beth1003 - 👌🏼5 star

Did Ed just top himself..? This album is amazing.. Completely different from + and bet still so similar, how does he do it..?

lilimpao1 - Love it!5 star

I heard each song separately and like them so much. At first, I didn't know who they belong. Then I found out they are all from same guy, same album. I purchased the album straight away and I haven't buy one in ages! That's a lot said. Love this guy, love his songs!!!!

Djseanmac - Genius5 star

The boy is a genius not one of the best artists out there today ed sheeran is the best his lyrics are mind blowing his voice is just out of this world. Could listen to this album on repeat for the rest of my life

Jason Azzi - Awesome5 star

Best album in the world!!!!

888888999999999000000004444444 - yo5 star

this album is i love it

Rech233 - Exceptional lyrical peace5 star

What a wonderfully real, uncomputerised, raw album from a Man who can write like an angel. Just beautiful to listen to, the plucked acoustic guitar is soothing, the melodies are unique and wonderfully different to everything else in the music world at the moment. Ed, you are one seriously talented guy!

RippleMagic1 - Cool5 star

Best album ever

Lululama - Love Ed Sheeran4 star

This album is fantastic, i absolutely love it, Ed's a highly talented artist and his latest album is well worth taking the time to kick back and listen.

Matty johns1 - awesome5 star

dont and sing are outstanding songs

SmippySubmerged - Lyrical & Musical Genius5 star

Now, I haven't always been a huge fan of Ed, I must admit. Some songs from Plus had their perks, such as Give Me Love, or Lego House. But this album has definitely gotten me attracted with the composition of it. X is definitely a new direction with songs such as Sing, and Don't... But others like I'm A Mess still hold the classic acoustic with a nice twist. Great work, and definitely worth the listen.

ChanelNo - AMAZING5 star

This new album is so beautiful, highly reccommended. More wonderful music from the supremely talented ed sheeran

😄😊😘😍 - Absolutely Amazing!5 star

My favourite song on the album!

Niamhlyy - Ed Sheeran is the best5 star

Ed sheeran is one of the most talented artists around at the moment! Loving all his songs.

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fake1979 - Drivel1 star

Not worth the words !!!!!!!!!

idkidkidkqqqq - I love it5 star

Well the people who are hating hate all u want I’ll just dance till I’m dead.Ed sheeren is a god at singing like literally his songs are amazing.and he doesn’t want the fame he wants to make people happy.

IDreamedADream - Photograph5 star

Photograph means so much to me because it’s the song me and my friend sung at school. She moved away to the other side of the world and gave me a picture of us the day we met in a locket while singing the lyrics “So you can keep me inside the necklace you got when you were 16” and then gave me her new address and home phone number while singing “Hearing you whisper through the phone, wait for me to come home”. Thank you for giving me this song to keep her close.

teeteeteeteeteetee12345 - 🤬🤬🤬1 star


mr.del.b - Great4 star

Once in awhile a album gets release and all the tracks are so-so this album is not. His music grows on you Thanks Ed

cf rddtrdx - Hate it1 star


bigblued9 - Ah1 star

Sorry but this guy has to take some risks to achieve something good

jaeyoliver101 - Amazing 💕5 star

I buy every album it’s so goooood

Lime giggly time lord - Beautiful5 star

Beautiful album, good for all moods.

cbgdcb - 12cv45 star


Tyfster - YAAAAS5 star


alyaaaka - Ed Sheeran is the best5 star

Great album I like photograph

just_traceyx - Loved it5 star

Another amazing album

Edward Cady-Ross - Fu*king Amazing5 star

This album is near the pinnacle of perfection of music

Ljyghgvjhljhg - Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Way better than his previous 2 albums

Musicfan612 - 8/104 star

Better than +

Amie pie - Sheeran5 star

I like ed sheeran loving can hurt and thinking out loud

ConnerB98 - Best Album5 star

Only album I've took the time to fully listen to

Justaceya - *****5 star


RKFoley - Poor listeners1 star

Because of song everybody loves him Poor quality

Jordan Wheel - Jordan Wheel5 star

It was one of the most inspirational albums I've ever. heard cant wait for ➗

Daveo1410 - Brilliant5 star

Amazing album, great artist...

ExcellentLewis - Good5 star


Alex Easson - Amazing5 star

Absolutely amazing album, one of my favourites ever

Applehead1. - Gets boring very quickly3 star

To be fair there are A handful of good songs like - Sing, thinking out loud, bloodstream, photograph & Don't. However, the rest all sound the same and boring! An alright album.

blueparis - He is amazing 💦💦💋5 star

I love his music he is a brilliant amazing artist terrific voice what more can you ask for💦💦💋💋

Sam_davey16 - Awesome5 star

One of the best singer/songwriters out there.

Sheerio02 - WHAT A LEGEND5 star

I love this more than almost anything. It's sophisticated yet still touches the heart. Soft, warm vocals and beautiful lyrics with extraordinary meanings behind each song. I'm in love.

Arnie jimenez - 3 days4 star

The song photograph downloaded completely after 3 days. I thought i was scammed. But nevertheless great album.

Bassmanrich - Incredible!5 star

Such a great album and I couldn't be more proud of Ed.

Awesome buy - Definitely recommend!5 star

Ed Sheeran is such a talented artist writing inspiring and awesome music. Loving this album and can't wait until his next one!

Snipper12345 - Amazing Artist5 star

One of the best albums ever

Permanent nights - Thanks5 star

I'd like to thank Ed Sheeran for making music, that makes me feel. Your music brings me to life, I haven't bought music in years, with you tube so readily available, but I've bought this album, because you deserve every penny. Thank you again. To everyone reading this, buy it.

Swh-pmh - Good Few songs3 star

Like about 4 songs on here and the rest are rubbish! 👎🏻

Husky09 - Best album ever5 star

Definitely worth the money!

Mdkeynes - Brilliant!5 star

Superb, so many great songs...

Seb the cool dude 707 - Ed, What Happenned To You?!2 star

Awww man, Ed’s ‘+’ album was a whole lot better than this. These are just really boring songs that are very slow and aren’t very catchy. His last album was a whole lot more popular cause of the variety of all the songs and most of them from the album were released as singles! I used to be a fan, but this is just ridiculous :( Don’t waste your money on the album!!

07rater - Favourite5 star

This is my favourite album ever I actually bought it twice😳 every song is so meaningful I love it all and you💖💖💖💖💖💖😅

JasmineH92 - Beautiful5 star

Beautiful voice. Beautiful album. Literally makes me melt just listening to it. 5* from me.

Feebeetee3575 - 55 star

My favourite album, Ed Sheeran is incredible. I love this album and it's most of the songs he played when I saw him live!!!

Cazzbas - E s5 star

The best album yet 😍

Andresson - 5*****5 star

I loved the first album and now I think I love this one even more. i was dying to buy this log ago and now I can’t stop playing it. ED SHEERAN you are an amazing singer. I would give more starts if I could. Well done.

Keyed ah - FABOULOUS5 star

Keep up he good work ed! We love you!

abbey potter - Love Ed5 star

Brilliant album, love it x


Got this the DAY it came out I Just Love Ed So Much

Bobby154 - Best album of the year!5 star

I love this album is amazing ! My favourite song is think out loud! Worth the money 100% 💕

Edsheeran❤️ - Phenomenal!5 star

This album is an absolute masterpiece. It shows so much depth in every song and conveys so many emotions. Any fan of Ed will love this album as each song has a completely different vibe yet fits in perfectly. My favourites are probably 'Nina' 'Afire love' and 'Bloodstream' but I also love the soul in his voice in 'runaway'. Best album I've ever seen! Perfection!

Laurence Fredricks - Just to let you know theses are fake reviews.1 star

The record company is flooding this album with fake reviews. "Buy the deluxe album!" is a good example of the reviews they're writing.

x.izzyy.x_ - <3 Ed Sheeran! <35 star

Ed sheeran is the best singer songwriter I've heard! The sound quality on this album is amazing and i STRONGLY recommend it to anyone ;-D

Lockie352 - Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!5 star

The amount of times I've listened to this masterpiece all the way through, and still do not get bored of hearing it. Ed Sheeran is just brilliant and so talented, also not forgetting his debut album 'plus', just fantastic.

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T4kotako5 star

@ay_a_rte: Yo a muerte con Chayanne x Conway, a mi nadie me hunde mi barco. Viva el chayanway #Chayanway

El_sushi_5 star

@Liacmoocky a ver es un atraso lo mires x dnd lo mires, menos mal q ya yo pasé x eso😎

Lurantis_X_7195 star

@haresora2: 後は塗装だけ、か。 #ウルトラアーツ

Enrique_Freedom5 star

@AlGrano921: .@huasa1 x situación en La Araucanía: "Falta que las FFAA se pronuncien y digan si se debe intervenir de manera militar o n…

RamalloIchuu5 star

se me ríe el orto x dios

Callmeangelee5 star

@priteshgandhimd: I am a f*****g doctor. I lead a health clinic in East Austin and treat #COVID19 patients. America is out of its mind…

HokageEscobar5 star

@miamingus: I remember a woman director i met in my 20’s who, when her boss would tell her she needed to do x, instead of scheduling int…

Idkimross5 star

@orpimartina: si t responde todas las historias, es x ahí

X_Y_Zenon5 star

@leomikage: kyoutani geccs #sendaifrogs #tsukishima #koganegawa #kyoutani

X_BITEMEbvtch5 star

ine got time for no nigga who act like a bitch get tf on!

Ungodlyalexis5 star

i love how the sirens collectively come together when somebody posts a video with a chloe x halle song playing and…

Memnon4445 star

@alvaro_concha: Votamos x un gobierno el cual no incorporaba en su programa un Cambio Constitucional, habían 5 candidatos q si lo propon…

Fkrslita5 star

@thisisustrying: DS SITI NURHALIZA X AAFIYAH Stylist by abu shaef hamzah Baju by behati Omg banyak ya MV DCT nak serves kita semua hah…

Haneyoo_5 star

@txtfesss MOA UNDER ONE DREAM WITH TXT #투모로우바이투게더 #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #TXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit

Eimemome5 star

@ssssssune: se saluda x educación haya pasado lo que haya pasado

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