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Can't Say I Ain't Country (Florida Georgia Line) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Tyler Got Him A Tesla (feat. Brothe... 0:41
2.Can't Say I Ain't Country 2:56
3.Simple 3:05
4.Talk You Out Of It 3:22
5.All Gas No Brakes (feat. Brother Je... 0:46
6.Speed Of Love 2:33
7.Women (feat. Jason Derulo) 3:31
8.People Are Different 3:34
9.Told You 3:59
10.Sack'a Puppies (feat. Brother Jerve... 0:40
11.Y'all Boys (feat. HARDY) 2:33
12.Small Town 3:16
13.Sittin' Pretty 3:06
14.Catfish Nuggets (feat. Brother Jerv... 0:50
15.Can't Hide Red (feat. Jason Aldean) 3:02
16.Colorado 2:57
17.Like You Never Had It 2:58
18.Swerve 3:21
19.Blessings 3:16

Florida Georgia Line - Can't Say I Ain't Country Album Comments

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Can't Say I Ain't Country [Florida Georgia Line] Album Reviews

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- You ain’t country...

This garbage is still being produced?


I love you all ❤️❤️❤️🎧🎧

- Addicted

Wow, I can’t believe how much hate this album got because I absolutely loved it. I love older country music, Hank Williams Jonny Cash all them boys. But I also really LOVE FGL, they have revolutionized country music and have turned it into something SO amazing! Call it pop garbage but who cares!? All that matters is you enjoy the songs and I for one certainly do!😁

- The Best

These country boys are the best of the best. This album is worth the money and the experience. It makes you want to start singing and dancing wherever you are. These songs make you feel like they are written for you. I am so happy to say that this is the best purchase in this app that i’ve made!

- How?

How is this not country? It’s definitely not classic country, but the music industry is constantly evolving. You could say the same about pop and rap also. I love this group!

- Great song

I love this song and my family is born country,so anyone that is saying that country music is bad then you just don’t know good taste and your just bringing it out on great people who put there life’s work into these songs and if you can’t appreciate them then I will give you three options/1:You don’t listen to it and keep your comments to yourself/2:Instead of trying to bring them down just leave them be/3: You keep it to yourself and shut up.I’m not regretting what I’m saying now either😡😤YOUR WELCOME 🤗👍🏼🙌🏼

- It's good

I don't think people shouldn't be hating on this album as much as they are. Sure, it lost a step compared to dig your roots, but it isn't too bad.

- Best music ever

People sayin country is trash are very wrong this music is the best

- Screw the haters

FGL is awesome if ya don’t like what genre they were put it blame apple not the band. Y’all are such weenies

- Idgaf what genre they are they’re amazing musicians

Can ppl stop hating on these guys? Like they grew up being country and they don’t like it when ppl say they ain’t country can ppl stop taking this so literally? I personally think these songs are great especially Colorado and simple. Open your ears these guys have blessed voices - FGL keep up the good work ❤️👏

- Def not country


- Great album

Another great album! Love them!

- Might not be country but come on...

I know it’s not country and more pop but come on it’s really good. I get it, people want real country but then u should go listen to someone else.

- FGL is back!

Songs they are releasing is good...not getting the official FGL vibe is received from that last 3 albums?

- It’s just Simple

Okay guys I’m literally only here for Simple. I personally dislike country almost to the point of hating it. This is legit 1 of only 3 country songs I’d listen to. The other 2 are Remember When by Alan Jackson and Wagon Wheel. So for someone who practically hates country music I applaud FGL for making a country song I actually enjoy👏🏻😄. So good job on Simple guys and I hope you make other songs I’d listen to😉

- Haters Gona hate

Love u guys keep it up

- Fgl Fan For Life

God Bless🙏🏽💫

- I can say you ain’t country

Just because you live country, it doesn’t mean your music is country.

- Great!

Great Modern Country Music!

- Amazing

Love every song on this album! Swerve is my favorite!


In this album they go from amazing heartfelt love songs to fast beat party songs that will stay in your head for weeks. They blew away all my expectations.

- It’s 2019. Let’s get real now everything is now different

Love the entire. Always been a fan, money well spent.

- Love this album

As soon as I heard this album I fell head over heels in love with it and had to buy it when the CD came out I can listen to it over and over again by far Florida Georgia Line’s best album yet

- Pop... not country

You aren’t country. Enough said

- 4 outta 5

I love FGL and I think this is not one of their better albums. The skits are funny but most of the songs aren’t country on this album.

- Always good

Of course some songs are more catchy than others but overall a good album

- I love it

This album is amazing ❤️

- Best FGL album yet

By no means am i a country music purist, but I don’t like bro country either. This is a step in the right direction for FGL with a great balance of bro/pop country but with just enough fantastic lyrics and steel guitar to keep this album going

- Haters are goons to hate

All you you saying this album is crap are deaf. FGL keeps getting better and better. Maybe go get your ears checked.

- It’s Music to My Ears... Except The Clown Skits.

I’m not one of those Country Hitler types who thinks there is only one kind of Country Music and who will condemn anything that sounds remotely pop. FGL is Country Pop, so what...Should I try to name all the Rock Genres? I do think there is good music and bad music and I enjoyed most of this album. I don’t appreciate the clown skit music interruptions I have to deal with when listening to this album though! Lose the clown commentary and stick to the tunes.

- Love FGL

Great music from day 1. So Amazing live.

- FGL‘s Banger

This is really good

- Be quite if you don’t like em

Simple and blessings is my favorite songs and talk you out of it

- Great rebound album!

Might not be completely country, but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad. You have to give them credit for starting the party era in country music. This album may not be completely country but it’s not not country (they also include more country storytelling than their previous albums had). Great album, but could do without the skits

- You are NOT country

Wanna cut my ears off every time these wannabes come on the radio.

- Love it

I love it so much I loved them since I was little 💗💗💗❤️❤️🥰🥰

- Open mind!

Hmmm. Music is AWESOME!!! I have 9000+ songs on my phone (my phone ALWAYS has to have the largest amount of memory available because my music is with me at all times!). Anyway, country is by far my favorite BUT I have so many genres because each genre has an extraordinary amount of elegance!!!!! I love this release!!!! It incorporates more than one venue and I TRULY appreciate music that engages more than one of my interests !!!!!! If a person limits themselves to ONLY one genre...they truly miss out on a lot more of INCREDIBLE music!

- ....

This is NOT all country NO. WAY. But it’s better than Taylor Swift’s new “country pop” so I guess I’m a fan

- Whiskey tango foxtrot

Just garbage. If I could give it half a star I would. If you want to be hip hop/r&b do that.. this isn’t country

- Sold Out

This band peaked in 2014.

- Song


- Ugggh

Just cuz u can't say that ur not country doesn't I can't. This album is pop auto tune with a little banjo. It sounds bad even for country pop.

- Who’s not country?

Let me be the first or 69th to say YOU ARE NOT COUNTRY.

- By zachary

Here’s to the good time....this is how we roll album and can’t say I ain’t country and dig and roots and anything goes and there other music are all good because they can write good country song.

- Bad

Not country

- I could do without “Brother Jervail”

And that’s exactly what I did. I deleted all the weird voicemail tracks from Brother Jervail. I’m still not entirely sure what the point of those tracks were. Regardless, I enjoy this album like all its predecessors. There’s nothing quite like a FGL playlist for summertime vibes. As far as the argument that “it isn’t country,” PBS recently aired a 6-part docuseries on country music. Country music is constantly evolving. That’s what makes it so special. Country music artists find new ways to relate to their own demographic. George Strait, Garth Brooks, Reba.... they represent the 80s and 90s and you’d be hard pressed to find them putting out a sound similar to Jason Aldean. When, why should they? That’s not their sound. Aldean and FGL appeal to the current country music climate which, no, is not the same as 20 years ago. And that’s OKAY! Without the label, good music is good music. Don’t like it, don’t listen to it. As for me, I’m still into Florida Georgia Line’s product.

- Great band!!

Love these guys!!

- Not their best

Their worst album.

- Blessings

Amazing music

- That's country

You guys should shut up there musics good hell yah

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