Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music

About Metamodern Sounds in Country Music by Sturgill Simpson Album

Released in May of 2014, Metamodern Sounds in Country Music is Sturgill Simpson's second independent album. The psychedelic references to drug use separate this country music from the mainstream country played on American radio stations.

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Metamodern Sounds in Country Music (Sturgill Simpson) Album Songs

NoSong TitleTime
1.Turtles All The Way Down 3:08
2.Life Of Sin 2:26
3.Living The Dream 3:51
4.Voices 2:47
5.Long White Line 4:01
6.The Promise 4:17
7.A Little Light 1:39
8.Just Let Go 2:32
9.It Ain't All Flowers 6:43
10.Panbowl (Bonus Track) 3:02

Sturgill Simpson - Metamodern Sounds in Country Music Album Comments

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Metamodern Sounds in Country Music [Sturgill Simpson] Album Reviews

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- One of my favorite artists and albums of all time.

This album hit me like a ton of bricks the first time I heard it and still does. The raw power of his voice and guitar, the musicality, and the rockabilly sound made me an instant fan.

- Awesome!!

I hear a combination of Waylon, The Possum and the Hag all mixed together. He is the real deal!

- Ffs YES finally real country singer!

Thank Sturgill for attempting to bring back a true country voice. God bless you my brother.

- Reminds me of all the good ol' days!

This Guy/Group is stellar! Just great all around. Turtles all the way down... I wish it just kept going it's a real mood shaper. Thanks SS!

- Great music

Best country album in years. Really look forward to more from Mr. Simpson. Not a song I skip on the whole thing. Just good music for good people.

- Buy this now.....Play it loud....Play it proud

Honest to God country music. Pour a little whiskey in a glass. Sit down and listen while you sip.

- Amazing!!!

I’ve been a fan of old Country music for years (I’m 36 years old) and Sturgill is the true essence of old southern country. Growing up listening to country music with my grandfather. Waylon, Willie, Johnny, Jones, Kristofferson, Hank Sr. and Jr. really gave me a love and appreciation for the classics and Stufgill truly embodies that beautiful ole Country sound. Thank you Mr. Simpson for your contribution to country music!!!!!

- Easy 5

This is exactly what was needed to save country music, to save American music, and to save a tarnishing facet of rock. Sturgill's music is true to the soul and will set you free. It's not very often you get a class of music like this that unites people from the West coast all the way to the East coast. Sturgill has done it.

- classic sound

I hear a lot of good comments, but if you also want to hear some good music from the same "classic sound" check out some cody jinks you wont be disappointed.

- Amazing

Man he reminds me of Waylon Jennings

- Best in years

Can’t get enough

- Real country music


- Man of talent

Sturgill deserves more credit. He is helping save country music. This Album is a masterpiece

- Real music again

Love this vibe, can’t wait to see your next art/JRE episodes!

- No Joke, Real Country music.

Buy the album! Nuff said. That's guy is the real deal

- Well RIP

This isn't who I thought it was. I get it though. New deal - new sound. Maybe next album you can hit us with that raw sound that made me love your music cause this isn't it for me. At least I still have Whitey Morgan

- DMT & Aliens

I'm instanly a country music fan all of a sudden. This album is genius. Ego death, aliens, and dmt. All themes I never thought Id hear in this genre. Love it. Its turtles all the way down!

- Great to hear a real southern drawl...

...not some fake, wannabe, pop cross over, appreciate hearing real instruments and not overly processed studio crap!

- Awesomely done album!

I usually don’t care for modern country music, but I like the old country artists. Something about this album, however, is different. I think one of my major problems with modern country music is that the accents are way too heavy, as though they’re trying to say, “Look at me, I’m a country artist!” I’ve always hated the overdone twang in their voices. However, I listened to Sturgill, and there is a country accent that’s there, but it’s not overdone. You can tell it’s supposed to be a country album, but he doesn’t flaunt his accent around just to show everyone he’s a country artist. It’s subtle, and it works for him. Besides the whole accent thing being much nicer than other country albums, he music is great, and everyone should give it a listen. It’s the only modern country album I listen to, and I believe more country artists should follow this man’s lead in making country music. If you don’t like modern country music like me, then buy this album, because country music needs more listeners to demand more artists like him.

- Awesome. Period.

I just discovered Sturgill Simpson and can’t believe it took me this long but better late than never. This guys is the truth! Sounds like a pure blend of Merle and Waylon with some Ernest Tubb thrown in for good measure. This is my kind of country. Outlaw, but with forward looking perspective— not just politically but musically too. This guy is a thinker and an artist. I’ll be watching closely for now on and buying anything puts out. Awesome.

- Fugólo ningún

The office last year had a veggie Nicky jyphmh hyh g ka

- Real Country at it's finest.

Discovered Sturgill's music on Pandora. I've been a country fan for a long time and he is without a doubt the best I've heard. I read somewhere that he doesn't have a label because he doesn't want to change his music. If true, I applaud you and keep up the excellent music.


One of those albums where after you hear it a thousand times the songs still don’t get old.

- Just awesome

Best album of the decade every song is awesome (favorites are:life of sin,it ain’t all flowers and long white line) just an great album


(Except for Red Dirt, that is) But this album stole my heart. I stumbled upon it accidentally, and was mesmerized. Could this be REAL country music??? The kind I grew up listening to while riding in the back of a truck down the dirt roads of northeast Oklahoma???? YES!!!!!!!!! No sounds of skinny jeans, or girls beating up trucks or drinking on a pontoon! Real. Authentic. Soul moving. Country music. I only found this album tonight, but I'm in love. #RIP George, Johnny and Waylon. Merle, if you're still on the music scene, check this guy out. Xoxo 😘

- Country Gold

This is the artist I've been waiting for with an outlaw country sound that is fantastic. Was going to download a song but now the album/s are more suitable!

- We can’t get enough!

A legend before his time!

- buy at all costs

i now own all versions of this.... Vynil. CD. and digital. Vynil is probably my favorite of the three!!

- Unbelievable

If you haven't heard this, buy it immediately. This is great music.

- One of the greatest REAL country albums ever

Actual substance and genuine sound!! Sturgill is what country music was meant to be. You’ll never hear it on the radio because it’s WAY too good for pathetic radio country.

- Disregard itunes summary

Sturgill is the best songwriter/performer today. Itunes fans who trust their reviews should invest in old billy joel CDs. Sturgill is country's answer to the original Allman Bros - and that's sayin' somethin' He will be remembered as one of the greats.

- I Can Breathe Again!!!

To try and explain the effect this album has had on me would be a futile effort. Thanks, Mr. Simpson! I can breathe again.

- Country music has been reincarnated - Thank You Jesus

Thank you Jesus for reincarnating Country Music; fake country music be gone (i.e Gilbert, Bryant, Aldean, etc.)

- Great Album

Buy it you won't be disappointed!

- Can’t replace that Old Country sound.

I’d given up on the “new country”, back in the early 2000’s. I’d always hoped that somebody would fill that void, that so desperately needed to be filled. Nothing can take the place of that old country sound. This is solid GOLD!

- My favorite “country” album of all time

This album rivals Nevermind and is definitely in my top 5 favorite albums. I almost hesitate calling it country because so much of the music has an original sound. That being said there are a few on the album that have the more traditional country sound, which I like. Great album. Buy it.

- Awesome!

I can’t stop listening to this. Bringing back country to what it should be. Love. Love. Love.

- Thank god.

Thank god for Sturgill Simson. Say no to pop country. More please

- I don't even like country, but...

I don't even like country, but daaaaaang, this just hits a chord. Beautiful.

- Welcome Relief

I have faith once more in Country Music! I could listen to Sturgill all day. Not to repeat what most others have said, but he's in a league with Waylon, who of course I listen to all of the time also. The only other singer who I've liked this much is Jamey Johnson.

- Turtles are the key!

“A well-known scientist (some say it was Bertrand Russell) once gave a public lecture on astronomy. He described how the earth orbits around the sun and how the sun, in turn, orbits around the center of a vast collection of stars called our galaxy. At teh end of the lecture, a little old lady at the back of the room got up and said: "What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise." The scientist gave a superior smile before replying, "What is the tortoise standing on?" "You're very clever, young man, very clever, " said the old lady. "But it turtles all the way down!” ― Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time

- Like a drug

Just can't get enough of this album!! Always on repeat

- great album

do yourself a favor and buy both albums. I can't wait till next album come out

- It's about time!

It doesn't get any better. Great classic country sound.

- Best Country Album in 25 years


- True Artist. Period.

With Sturgill making this music, I know there is still hope for country music and the music industry in general.

- Good gracious...

...this guy is amazing. Best album I've bought in 5 years. Period.

- Changed my life

Amazing amazing amazing

- Do yourself a favor and listen to this album!


- Country isn't dead

This is the Country music that speaks to me. Dark and beautiful, Hell raising and law breaking, sad and mournful. In a time where Country music songs just seem to be wish list of everything awesome along comes Sturgill Simpson. He brings that slow burn with his arrangements that calls back to guys like Jennings and Haggard. A perfect blend of psychedelia and Outlaw Country with a heartbreaking rendition of "The Promise".

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