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"Go Your Own Way" is a song written by Lindsey Buckingham and performed by Fleetwood Mac. It is one of the band's most enduring hits. It was the first single to be released from the highly successful album, Rumours, which was to be released in February 1977 and peaked at number ten on the Billboard Hot 100. It is ranked #119 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time, one of the group's two entries along with "Rhiannon (Will You Ever Win)", and is on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll list. The song appeared as a playable track in the music video games Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour. Buckingham wrote this song with regard to his bandmate Stevie Nicks, with whom he had just ended a romantic relationship. It describes their breakup, with the most obvious line being, "Packing up, shacking up is all you want to do." Nicks insisted she never shacked up with anyone when they were together, and wanted Lindsey to take out the line, but he refused.

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Lyrics for artist Fleetwood Mac song Go Your Own Way coming soon. What does Chuck Norris think about this song lyrics? Chuck Norris' idea of being Bi-Polar is hitting someone twice with a wooden pole.

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Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way Song Reviews

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- Essential album in any collection

Such varied songs, absolutely essential album, especially when going on along drive. At $9.99 its currently the sale of the century!

- AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG Fleetwood Mac has such good songs :) I really really really love this album (way better than songs we have these days) Everybody has to buy this it is such a great album. Fleetwood Mac is the best and has the best songs ever. Love you Fleetwood Mac xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) P.S if i could rate it out of any amount of stars it would be billions and billions

- Thumps up

Great album, even songs I didn't know were fleet wood Mac ha. Worth the $14 for sure

- Me only me

Boy dang these fools huh? I only think they might finally figure it out!!! I can only be me ha ha!!! k. Now yo see ha ha. Gypsy my favourite song!!!!!!! That's me!! Ha ha and of coarse dreams. Me only me loves music. K. Best album. Believe in love please or love die's. Trust hard to find these day's

- I'm 11 and I love this band

I love this band my dad got me into this

- I love Fleetwood Mac

This music is so good and always speaks to me, it never fails to make me feel better. One question though: why no Landslide or Tango In The Night on this album?

- little lies is amazing!!!!

love it

- Bob is gone so put out the old records

Now that Bob Welch is dead and can't benefit from the sale of the FM music that he was on maybe they will release those albums to iTunes.

- Exceptional!

An awesome collection of songs; radio hits to be exact that span nearly 15 years of Fleetwood Mac at it's best. This is the best collaberation of music for FM fans and can certainly be appreciated by people who don't realize they are fans. Because there are three songwriter/singers in this group, you get three slightly different sounds from them but the chemistry of all of them together is explosive at it's best! Whether it's the mystical sounds of Stevie Nicks, the sultry and catchy tunes of Christine McVie or the more off the norm electrifying sounds of Lindsay Buckingham, this collection gives you the very best of the groups best hits and most well known, a great party CD that everyone will know most if not all the songs! I recommend with 5 Big Stars! Fleetwood Mac ROCKS!!

- Love it!

This is one of my favorite albums of all time!!!!!!

- Another really great band...

Sara is my favorite fleetwood mac song :)

- There has never been a group like Fleetwood Mac

3 songwriters, equally as powerful, totally unique hits. My favorite group of all time.

- Dreams

Players only love you when they're playing…. Take heed, adventurers of promiscuity


I was in the 3rd grade when i heard many of these songs at a fair in Colorado. They did not have Shazam so you could instantly find out who sings a song. I memorized the songs to this day and I'm now a Sophomore in College!! Fleetwood Mac is something I will listen to than the current music we have today....

- Amazing Album

Landslide is not here because it wasn't a hit until 97'

- Very good, but incomplete

First, let me say this is a great starter collection. To those who complain its missing stuff from Peter Green (late 60s blues FM era, or Bob Welch era/Mystery To Me, etc stuff...this is a collection from the RUMOURS era lineup (1975-1987). So the earlier incarnations of the band aren't represented here. Even from the Rumours era, this merely scratches the surface as it doesn't include some minor hits the band had at this time, as well as key album tracks like Landslide, Second Hand News, The Chain and many many others. This collection also includes two new songs released for the album. Neither of which are particularly memorable. A better collection from the Rumours era would be The Very Best of FM, which came out a few years ago I believe.

- Hypnotized?!

Jolie Lives-11/14/16 Someone, anyone, just Please Tell Me That "HYPNOTIZED" was Not, One Of The Bands MOST AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL SONGS!!?! That it's "Not" (?) One of Their Greatest Hits! That their Harmonies on the Song, weren't Truly Magnificent! Because of more Group Bloody Drama, not only is the Album Not Available, we can buy the Song, But Not Sung By Fleetwood Mac! This is The Biggest Bunch of Bovine Effluence, Anyone has ever attempted, to shovel over something so Exquisite, it's Bloody Criminal! He wasn't satisfied with the Quality of Hypnotized, on the Album. Yet, he'll sell his own version of it. We're sure that his decision wasn't at all influence by his access to the beaucoup ($) Dollars or was it the Bloody Freaking (£) Pounds??!!!! Kids, ask your 'rents about the Song and the Album! It was, One of Their BEST AND IT'S JUST GONE! The Politics of Money And Ego just can't be beat! It's comparable to "Can't Find My Way Home", by Blind Faith, just disappearing! While the Group has many other Great Songs, Hypnotized literally saved my life. Literally and figuratively, in many, many ways! Growing up, surrounded by literal Monsters, Music became and is still an Integral Part of my Surviving, Thriving and the many Successes I've achieved to Date, in my Life! To be unable (Without becoming Sherlock Holmes!) to add the Original Version of Hypnotized to my iTunes Library, makes me really Sad and Angry! Not only have I realized that it's absence has turned me off to Buying Fleetwood Mac's Songs, there's Always Going To Be A Huge Gaping Hole in my Musical Library! 😢😩😭😵😷💩

- Good stuff

The song selection could use maybe one or two song changes, but it still is a good compilation. I think it's because Fleetwood Mac is a good band.

- Have the album

Amazing get it!! My parents are alternative so when i was born i was listening to this

- Not their best

I don't like Dreams or Don't Stop. But this IS technically a collection of their most popular songs...

- best albums nowhere to be found on iTunes

Where is “Mystery to Me”? “Bare Trees”? etc. etc. All of the great music before they got coked-out and boringly popular. Must be legal issues. Do yourself a favor folks, check out the albums before Stevie Nicks and Buckingham joined, wherever you can find them.

- Greatest...perfect description.

This album is amazing! Missing a few excellent staples from them such as landslide, the chain, seven wonders, but other than that it is a rewarding listen from start to finish. Some of the greatest and most talented voices in one group.

- Fleetwood mac

Great album! But where is Bare Trees album?


The album is good, but doesn’t have the chain? How can you have a greatest hits album without the chain?

- really good album BUT

WHERE IS LANDSLIDE? Because according to iTunes...thats their top seller here. But there is some hihlights: Rhiannon, Don't Stop, Go Your Own Way, Gypsy, and Big Love. *GASP* WHERE IS SONGBIRD?

- Great Album

This album is great I have it in my try and can not get enough of it

- Love this album!!!

I'm 14 and I grew up listening to fleetwood Mac!! I love them!! And I'm in love with Stevie Nicks😍

- Missing Landslide

Great but where is Landslide? I guess I'll have to search elsewhere.

- A Greatest Hits Worth Listening To!

My parents had this one at first. Then, they gave this one to me. Even though it doesn't have all the other great songs like Landslide, The Chain, or Seven Wonders, it's still a good compilation. Every song on here is enjoyable, even the new track As Long As You Follow. Also, I'm pretty glad that I have the original version of Big Love. It's a great song. Fleetwood Mac has got to be one of the greatest rock bands ever.

- Great for Beginners

Greatest Hits got me hooked on Fleetwood Mac. That said, there are notable omissions from this collection. 1975's breakthrough "Fleetwood Mac" and even their magnum opus "Rumours" are surprisingly underrepresented on this compilation. Here are some examples of the hits that don't appear here. Landslide World Turning Monday Morning Secondhand News Never Going Back Again The Chain Gold Dust Woman The tracks I just listed alone could be released as another "Greatest Hits" by itself. The two disc greatest hits collection that is available would be the way to go, but the pacing and track listing on this comp. is great, if incomplete.

- Love Fleetwood Mac

This greatest hits album provides a nice overview of some popular songs from the most commercially successful line-up of Fleetwood Mac (Fleetwood, J. McVie, C. McVie, Nicks, and Buckingham). It was released in 1988 after Buckingham left the band. Some gems haven't been included in this collection including "Landslide," and "World Turning" (from the white album), "The Chain" and "Second Hand News" and Gold Dust Woman (from Rumours, and "Think About Me" (from Tusk), but this collection is a good introduction to the band. I prefer listening to the songs in their original sequences, however. As for the editor's notes, Buckingham did not write "Don't Stop," Christine McVie did, and her other song that was mentioned is entitled "Little Lies."

- Landslide was not released as a single...

...that's the reason it is not on the Greatest Hits album. You can find Landslide, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, etc. on The Best Of Fleetwood Mac. Greatest Hits albums are usually just the songs that were 45's.

- Fleetwood Mac

No words can describe the level of creativity, the beauty, the absolute greatness of Stevie Nix~Fleetwood Mac!!!!

- If you want JUST the chart hits...

You’ve come to the right place. If you want deeper album cuts that were played heavily on radio when these albums came out, get the 2-disc VERY BEST OF FLEETWOOD MAC instead. There you will find “Landslide”, “The Chain”, “Gold Dust Woman” and other great songs plus nearly all these songs featured here AND the great and underrated “Skies The Limit". If you want the original studio version of “Big Love” download it individually on this collection or from TANGO IN THE NIGHT.

- Amazing <3

Ever since I was little, I have loved Fleetwood Mac and I can't wait to see them in May! This is real music!

- Rhiannon

The fact that I was named after this song is absolutely incredible. I've been a fleetwood mac my whole life.

- Missing

Bare Trees and Mystery to Me are missing here along with Kiln House. Some of their most artistically acclaimed work and staples of the college and FM album oriented scenes in their day.

- Fleetwood Mac

Hey everyone! Landslide is on the Fleetwood Mac/Fleetwood Mac label. I think it's track 7 or 8. Enjoy!!

- INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!


- Worth it

This is a great album and nothing less. I'm 14, but I remember my mom playing this... well, ever since I can remember. The album got stolen though so this kinda replaces it. I know every song by heart and it's just plain good to listen to.

- Solid collection.

Fleetwood Mac, people. What else do you need to know.

- Just an amazing collection of an incredible band

These guys are up there with the Eagles and Led Zepplin and AC/DC - they are iconic and unfortunately they just don't create like they used to (musicians, I mean.. don't hate, I am one, have been for 23 years now, and professional - well, I was anyway...) - no matter who you are, or how old you are, this music is soul nectar. Buy it. But I agree - they dropped the ball not including Landslide \m/

- Perfect


- FABULOUS collection!

Love this album and had a vinyl of it when it originally came out. It missing Landslide, The Chain, and Seven Wonders though. If it included those (from albums Fleetwood Mac, Rumours and Tango respectively) it would be a masterful collection of Fleetwood Macs top great songs. It could also included Caroline and Mysterious (from Tango) to complete. But one could just buy the individual songs here on iTunes and round out their Fleetwood Mac compilation.

- Waitt??


- Cokey

Is it me or is this music kind of cokey? It’s like it’s 4am and it’s trying to talk to me about it’s childhood. I love it

- I could hear it every day - and enjoy it

This is, was and always will be - one of the best albums of that time.

- Solid

this is a fine overview of the groups hitmaking years during the Rumours-era lineup. has all the major hits and is great for the casual listener, but not a definitive collection as it misses several minor hits from that era as well as key album tracks (just about every other song from White Album and Rumours that isn't on here) as well as solid songs from the other albums. Very Best of FM is a better overview.

- Great stuff

Very classy and smooth album in which it is like your in heaven. Extremely great. Get it!

- Touch of the soul

Really she knows how to get you in the moment and go somewhere in your mind. It's beautiful! Watching AHS:coven really made me really hear it again and get that good feeling 💕

- What the heck?

Where is "Landslide?" that's one of the best songs of all time and i-tunes doesn't even have it on their GREATEST HITS album! I mean, come on, it's about so many sad things I can't even explain right now without tearing up. Seriously, i-tunes?

- Wow

Simply amazing. Absolutely one of the greatest rock groups of all time.

- i love fleet wood Mac👍

💜👍😊👍💜 I'm 11 now and the first time heard this was when I was bout 6! I'm 11 and I love love love love fleetwoodd Mac!

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