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Gorillaz - Humility (feat. George Benson) Song Lyrics

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Gorillaz - Humility (feat. George Benson) Song Reviews

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- Pretty chiiiillll

I love it but pleeeeease stop puttin us to sleep.

- Disappointing

Honestly I wish they had spent more time on this album. It felt drowsy and dynamically uninteresting. Most of the songs are fine on their own but all together, it just isn’t a very good album. Most of the songs sound exactly the same.

- Masterpiece

Gives me Busted and Blue, Sex Murder Party, and Andromeda vibes all in one ❤️

- Love love love

I’m so happy they made another album right after humanz because I missed them♥️my fav always♥️

- Trash

Gorillaz as are garbage

- Absolutely stunning.

I’ve been a die hard Gorillaz fan for a pretty solid amount of time, but even if I weren’t one, I think I would still be in love with this album. It’s 11 songs long, and there’s not a bad one on there. My favorites include Humility, Tranz, Idaho, Fire Flies, and Souk Eye, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the album isn’t beautiful as well. I would recommend this to anyone looking for music with a unique and gorgeous sound. It’s not just for the hardcore fans.

- Loving the vibes

Every song in this album just rings a nice chord with me. There’s far fewer features than in Humanz which is a real nice change. It’s good to hear the Gorillaz again.

- Terrible

This is by far the worst gorillaz album in my opinion all the songs sound the same. the only song I like is humility.

- Fantastic

Every song on this album has a smooth beat that makes me genuinely happy. Best music purchase I’ve made. 10/10

- Summer bops!

This album is so good! It has an overall chill vibe but has so many varied songs! Every song on here is so unique! Damon does it again!!

- Brexit bashing

Again more elitist political commentary thats the ruination of many artists today.Bless the British Brexit for not being owned by the EU.


A lot better than Humanz was. I actually enjoyed listening to all the songs here, though I think some will take a little bit to really grow on me. Glad to have good Gorillaz back. Just want to say Humanz was a disgrace and it was really sad how they went about that album.

- Beautiful

This is so much diverse and different from the previous projects/albums. I'm happy that gorillaz keeps it's own style but provides very diverse and interreating stuff.

- Hollywood

It’s their best album and u can problem guess wat my favorite song is.

- The album humanz should have been.

Excellent listening. Give it a go and be thrilled.

- Perfect for the Summer

Gorillaz are back.

- Gorillaz

Now this is the Gorillaz I love



- Just Magical


- Great Album

This has to be one of their best albums yet. So much better than Humanz. Much like their older original albums but has a new feel separate from the others but still seems like Gorillaz. What I thought was really cool was including old artists, especially Snoop. Even though Bensons feature isn’t drastic it’s really cool to see a familiar name, being a jazz artist myself. It’s a great album period.

- Much more yummy

I'm glad they brough it back, this album "Humanz" has so much more soul that I was looking for. Not to mention the tunes are mezmerizing as usual with more direct focus. Well done!

- What is this

I preordered this album and it’s telling me to buy the rest for $3.54 this is bull crap

- Nice

Everything’s good except Murdoc, what the heck happened to Murdock?!

- #Gorillaz4Life! By Keen Skater


- Very good

Lots of hot bangers in this album, all the songs are fun to listen to, and the more you listen the better they get!

- Simply Great

This album is a love letter to long term fans, reminds me a lot of their first album. Just a perfect album.

- Music for falling asleep

Not excited by this album - music is kind of relaxing which is nice, but didnt hear anything catchy that I was eager to hear again. Liked prior work, but not excited with this.

- Meh

Every track seems soulless and unexciting. I really only really enjoy like 2 songs (fire flies and souk eye). Idaho, Tranz and Kansas are also no terrible. The rest of the songs are mediocre or bad.

- such high hopes

was really hoping this album would be up to the caliber of demon days or plastic beach. all these songs sound like outtakes from the fall—not bad, but nothing worth freaking out over. very similar sound across all the songs and monotone. hoping that one day they can bring it like they used to.

- Didn't like Humanz? Don't worry,every single song is amazing. This may be my favorite Gorillaz Album

I loved the last album that the Gorillaz put out, Humanz, but i knwo that a lot of people did not. People said it had to many guest singers and that 2-D didn't sing enough. Well, Damon has obviously been listening because he gives fantastic preformances on each song. The Now Now is the perfect combo of funk, pop, electonica, country, and soul. My favorites off the album include Humility, Hollywood, Idaho, Lake Zurich, and Souk Eye. Buy this album


I have loved the Gorillaz for a long time by now, and this has a different vibe than other albums... and it’s good! I love what is happening and enjoy listening to this kind of music.

- A surprisingly great album

This album is amazing. Coming out a year after Humanz everyone thought it wouldn’t be great but it has defied expectations. It has songs that will soon be recognized as some of Gorillaz’ best

- Nope

Was hoping for more unique in your face hits like Saturn Barz... This is too mellow and all the beats sound alike... Not impressed. The whole thing is too slow techno kinda vibe. Doesn’t do it for me.

- Buy the Now Now just do it now now

Just do it. You read the title

- Forever

Gorillaz forever❤️

- Amazing

This definitely surpasses humanz

- I’m so happy

I love this album

- Best when listened to in a hammock

The Now Now was a surprise when first announced, when Humility dropped I knew I was going to enjoy the album, I love the relaxed vibe of the whole album. Gorillaz albums tend to all feel very different and this one feels more like The Fall than Demon Dayz, Humanz, or Plastic Beach.

- One of my favorites

This album is nice and groovy. 👌

- Chill

This is probably one of the best Gorillaz the albums released next to there earlier work every single song is a hit there is not a bad song on the album

- Decent

Definitely not their strongest album in my opinion, especially length wise, but The Now Now does provide some pretty nice and creative songs.

- Gorillaz kill it!!

Can say without a doubt that this album is amazing! I find it refreshing that 2D has more attention, and is more of the spotlight of the album. Unlike the last album they put out, I can’t think of one song from this one that I thought was “meh” or “bad”; every song is wonderful! Also, I love how the album has songs that can get me pumpin, while having some that I can put on to put me in a calm, and chill mood. Overall, Now Now is fantastic, and is definitely worth the buy!

- Fastest to come out

Fastest to get hooked on.

- Gorillaz are back


- The cd is better

The cd has more things like cool pictures

- Can’t wait to hear it

Yes I love it when gorillaz release a new album

- If you give anything less than 4 stars you’re a sadist

At first I thought this would be what “The Fall” was to “Plastic Beach”. An average album coming out a year after a great album. In this case it would be like “Humanz” was the great album and “The Now Now” was the average album but Damon pulled the ol’ switch-a-roo and made this the great album, not that Humanz was bad. This album goes up there with the big bois. I mean, Gorillaz made love songs tolerable, not just that, they made them good. Only complaints, Soulk eye and one percent were kinda weak but no matter. If this is what Gorillaz makes while Murdoc’s in Jail keep him in.

- Welcome back Damon.

Such a great album. Go glad to have actual Gorillaz music back.

- omg YAS

This, this is great. Kansas is a beauty, Humility is a bop, and Sorcererz is very vibe-focused. Amazing album by an amazing band!

- 👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️👎🏻❗️

It’s like they put 11 dumb made up fast boring songs together. Yikes. Absolutely terrible.

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